[Xbox]Frequent Disconnects Since Today's Update

I had the occasional disconnect or crash prior to this update but nothing that rendered the game unplayable.

That’s changed since the latest update for Xbox(I believe it’s 1.2). I’ve been attempting games for hours today and in at least 2 hours of playtime I have completed one mission without disconnecting or crashing. The issue seems to be happening to other users over at the r/Vermintide subreddit but I figured I’d post here to try and get some dev attention.

I’ve been playing this game like crazy since I started a few weeks ago and I love it. I was really looking forward to the new update but it looks like I’ll be forced to play something else until these issues get resolved. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting disconnected during the end event of a full book run.

We suspect a lot of the crashes, disconnects and wonky behaviour are due to version mismatching where at least one of the players you’re connected to hasn’t updated to the latest version. This should improve as more and more players install the latest updates.

Unrelated to the above, there are some lingering stability issues which we intend to patch ASAP.

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