Xbox version unplayable after update

Since updating on Xbox One I have been unable to play or finish a single match. I have been disconnected from four straight games. Please fix this ASAP as the game is all but unplayable ATM. I will not be purchasing any DLC until these connection problems have been solved.

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We suspect a lot of the crashes, disconnects and wonky behaviour are due to version mismatching where at least one of the players you’re connected to hasn’t updated to the latest version. This should improve as more and more players install the latest updates.

Unrelated to the above, there are some lingering stability issues which we intend to patch ASAP.

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Been having the same problems. Disconnected from Xbox live, broken connection and crashing to home. It’s the second day of this crap. I definitely will not be buying any dlc till I can go a few days without the stupid game crashing. This happens everyday not just on random occasions.

Why would you allow players to play online without updating to the latest version? That’s some poor judgment right there.

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If Vermintide 2 is left in a suspended state - which is a common player behaviour nowadays - it won’t prompt you to pull the latest updates. There are also situations in which players simply aren’t promoted to update, but that’s out of our control. We’re improving on our version enforcement with the matchmaking meaning only those on the same version will be able to connect, preventing a whole bunch of issues.

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