XBox One online is still unplayable

I’m only able to play private games, as I am getting disconnected from every game I join otherwise. I saw a post earlier by one of your team members saying there is a patch mismatch causing it. So you let people play online without forcing them to update to the latest version of the game? This is online multiplayer 101. What on Earth were you thinking?

I’ll copy pasta the response I sent you in another post, in case anybody else is interested…:

If Vermintide 2 is left in a suspended state - which is a common player behaviour nowadays - it won’t prompt you to pull the latest updates. There are also situations in which players simply aren’t promoted to update, but that’s out of our control. We’re improving on our version enforcement with the matchmaking meaning only those on the same version will be able to connect, preventing a whole bunch of issues.

If your issues are related to version mismatching, they will improve. Could you let me know if these problems persist the next time you play, please?

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