Consistent (or even game breaking) Glitches/Bugs on Xbox One

Issue Summary: A list of glitches and bugs that have been consistent throughout my 500 hours of playing time.

Copy and pasted from my inital reddit post, ignore #12

Hi, huge V2 fan here and this is my first reddit post ever! I have 500+ hours and all the Xbox achievements (only missing Fortunes of War and The Pit windows which aren’t Xbox achievements but I gotta have that 100% !:grin:). Over my experiences with the game on Xbox I have noticed a few reoccurring glitches/bugs that have been consistent though each play through for months now (but still not ruined my experience for the most part) that I’d like to address because I’m fairly sure Fatshark simply isn’t aware of them. They are as follows:

  1. On Righteous Stand, where the first grim is there is an explosive barrel that is stuck in an infinite fall loop from the top floor to the bottom. (Constant/STR - simply play the level)

  2. On Into the Nest where the ladder to the second grim is the ammo crate and a wooden box are inside of each other, this was not alway the case. I believe it came after the Bogenhafen patch? (Constant/STR - simply play the level)

  3. When hosting a level the black legend skins on bots are glitched in some areas showing lower tier outfits. For example FK’s legend cape will show the red cape of the beginner tier outfit, UC black legend skin will have the champion coat tails. This is only visible to the hosting player. (Constant/STR - select any level and use FK or UC with Legend skins, should be apparent in intro sequence)

  4. Damage delt green circles will (occasionally) show different values to the player and teammates. (Rare? I’m not sure as I don’t always discuss stats with other players/STR - simply play a level with a friend and compare damage stats)

  5. (Not a glitch but frustrating) when players begin loading into your game the bot relative that player disappears leaving the current players at a disadvantage. Under high stress encounters this will lead to a wipe, with the player finally loading in only to get immediately ganked by a massive hoard + boss (Constant/STR - play any level and wait for another player to load in)

  6. Hilariously, if a player is killed while blocking there spine will break when reappearing to be rescued and there upper torso will be upright with them still in the blocking animation while their squirming legs are horizontal with the ground. Actually, on second thought you can leave that one in !:joy: (Unusual / STR Have a player die while blocking)

  7. Bosses can be incredibly lazy at times, making hero’s wait up to 3-4 minutes while they prep for their inevitable assassination. Rarely, they may not even show at all, forcing the players to quit and retry the mission. (Unusual and then Rare / STR - Play any level with a boss)

  8. Bots are unable to avoid gas or fire barrel damage. If you do not walk away from these AoE’s the bots will simply stand in them until they dissipate or the bot dies, which ever is first. (Constant/STR - simply play any level with these AoE’s present)

  9. On Halscourge, after you drop down from the collapsing building onto the area near the second tome, if a special appears on the opposite side of the collapsed bridge the bots will attempt to chase the special and somehow fall off the edge of the bridge and glitch to the other side of the collapsed bridge where the player is unable to revive them. This happens frequently and is especially frustrating when the bot is carrying a tome. (Not sure if Constant or Unusual as repeating the level with these specifically timed special spawn locations is not consistent / STR - play Halesourge with these specific special spawn times and locations after the bots have already dropped off the collapsing building roof and are next to the collapsed bridge)

  10. IMPORTANT: Special and boss spawns need to be improved. Specials will frequently spawn directly in front of player from thin air. Disabling specials, especially Packmasters and Gutter Runners will fairly often spawn right next to the player and insta-disable them. Additionally, specials sound cues will occasionally not play when spawned into the map. Bosses also sometimes spawn inside of players, getting off one or two unblockable overhead attacks before a group is able to react. (Common, Unusual, Unusual and Rare respectivley / simply play the game for long enough and these issues will become more apparent)

  11. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Hit detection has been severely flawed after the (incredibly awesome !:grimacing:) Back to Ubersriek DLC. Blundebuss shots directly into high density hoards, or even worse, specials will pass completely through them at times. Additionally there will always be 1 -2 enemies in a match that are unkillable to the player. This enemy’s attacks will register to the player, but player’s attacks will pass completely through the enemy. The player must wait until a teammate is able to kill this enemy. This happens primarily with adds but I’ve also experienced this a few times with maulers which is terrifying !:grimacing:. It was this glitch that inspired me to get a reddit account so I could notify the developers of the issue.

Some of these issues are simple, some of them are undoubtably more complex, I just wanted to address them as I felt after scrolling through the subreddit that Xbox players (although the largest player base) are noticeably less active on this sub then that of PC or PS4 (Welcome btw !:wave:) players. I’ll try to be more active on this sub and even post the occasional Umgak. Sigmar bless you all.

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*Correction ignore #11 as it has already been addressed in Multiple threads.

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