Layers of RNG

So here we have two Lasguns. Im about to explain the level of RNG we have to deal with to get a decent weapon currently. At face value, the Master Crafted one appears better. But, see how, they are both Kantrael types. One is IV, one is XII, this means the stat profiles arent directly comparable. (J_Sat, does a great video on this if you want to check it out.) So not only do you need to find the right Gun (Lasgun), the right Type (Kantrael) you have to find the right designation (XII) THEN, you have to find it of the correct quality, with a high potential roll value, then high rolls.

  • Weapon type
  • Weapon Classification
  • Weapon Designation
  • Possible Rolls
  • Good Rolls
  • Traits
  • Good Trait Rolls
  • It Appearing at all on a 24 hour timer
  • Cost

Actually insane.


Playing the endgame for 30 hours and seeing 1 “upgrade” which is actually a downgrade is super disheartening.

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I do agree, but im hoping the Crafting system they just implemented will fix this.

If we have the ability to re-roll a weapon’s stat breakdown then a lot of the above is resolved. Instead of needing a purple Kantrael Mark XII with a near perfect stat roll of high damage, you can just find a green Kantrael Mark XII, upgrade it with plasteel to blue, then epic, then use materials to reroll the stat profile until you get Perks you want, Blessing you want, and the general bars are weighted how you want.

Whether the crafting system will allow the above I’m not sure, but fingers crossed.

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I hope it isn’t re-roll for weapon traits. I’d be nice to just apply traits that you have found already in the game. Perhaps re-roll the percentage of the trait but not the trait itself.