[Suggestion] Improving stats on weapons

While RNG is fine for random loot generation, I’d like to suggest a crafting option that would let us improve the stats on weapons.

There are 2 ways I can think of to make this system work and avoid turning every weapon into a “Emperor (God)-rolled” weapon.

  1. We can only improve one stat at a time with the stat improvement going from 1% to 15% (15 is an arbitrary value, idea is to make players do multiple rolls and only really long-term players would have every stat maxed out) AFTER the weapon has been upgraded to the maximum level (Orange)

  2. Each roll will change stats, with stats values going higher or lower randomly, this would make nearly impossible to get a “Emperor (God)-rolled” weapon. HOWEVER, it’d most likely draw the envy and annoyance of those players that aren’t lucky enough to get one.

I’m more partial to option 1. as it let’s any player have the weapon of their dreams as long as they commit time and in-game resources to it.


Player agency, always a good thing. Would at the very least be a step in the right direction.

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We’ll be lucky if they let us improve weapon stats at all

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Don’t belittle yourself mate, they advertised a Tide game, you paid for a Tide game, now you are in the rights to demand they deliver a Tide game.
And sensible gear acquisition and customization up to perfect gear to challenge the highest difficulties with is part of that. Nobody forced them to implement the unsatisfactory shop and proposed style of crafting seemingly intended right now.


except the 2. point(which is awful) that was literally how it was in VT1 with the addition that you only kept a roll if it was higher so the system couldn’t screw you over. Wasn’t a good system overall because it was also pointless RNG but at this point I’ll take anything

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I’d like it if any level you gain above level 30, earned you a point on both weapons on which you leveled up, and you can spend said points to improve a modifier of choice, 1% per point, up to the maximum base rating of 380. That way, I dont have to stalk the shop once my starter is solid enough.


That’s not a bad idea, except, what would happen if you discarded that weapon?

Or you mean that you’d get points that go into a pool that you can distribute among different weapons and you only get those back if you discard the weapon you put points into?

It’s not bad but it’d still punish you if you made the mistake to discard a weapon you actually liked more.

Option 2. is absolutely terrible but it’s one I’ve seen in a number of games.

Option 1, is similar to what Elite Dangerous has for it’s Engineers system.

Understandable idea, but why does your weapon just gets stronger in the background? Sure, I 100% agree playing should allow you, free of RNG nonsense to push towards perfect gear, but the system to facilitate that is crafting in my eyes.
That would make it feel natural, not like your weapon is mutating in your hands and you could play with stuff and invest your gains into other gear, on the one hand to be ready for new gear that gets implemented, on the other hand so one can react to patches and balance changes.
If I played 100 hours with my Lasgun and it gets useless due to changes, be it added perks, nerfs or a simple change in desired playstyle, I as a player should have the agency to rearrange my gear without loosing that time and effort investment. If you only played that one weapon in your system, there would be no benefit ‘bleeding off’ after it is perfected, a state we need to be able to reach on gear in the Tide games without it being after multiple hundreds of hours playtime. Everything you start would be from the ground up, no previous investment paying off. Nah, that is tideoues and grindy.
Crafting and upgrading weapons from zero to hero is the way that empowers the player with agency and leads to being stasitfied with your gear and how you worked for it.
EDIT: Serioulsly, I can’t type today, sorry


Completely agree, hence my suggested Option 1. which would always lead a player towards perfect gear, with RNG just impacting how long it’d take to reach it.

It’d allow more casual players to take their weapons to a point they are satisfied with and let more dedicated players have the goal to perfect their weapons.


Ah, the long term aspect irks me, personally. There are projected to be quite a few wepaons on multiple classes and fully stocked armoury should be a achievable long term goal, at least I want to see that. So a single piece of gear shouldn’t take tooooo long, because the issue would multiply with the number of individual pieces of gear into quite unfun dimensions^^
People who just want to play meta and slap together what they want after for example unlocked ressources and blueprints for higher tier gear would be happy and ocd collectors wouldn’t suffer. Maybe we need Babys First STC or something similar for red gear, which would constitute the ACTUAL model instead of the knockoffs that are orange and below^^

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Also would like just to craft from scratch
100 Plasteel for a completely random weapon
200 for a certain group (ie like the shop skins)
300 for a specific gun

and you can “Bias” the RNG rolls for it’s modifiers [Yellow Bars] using Diamantine, using 100 per stat you want focused (max 300)

So if you want a ‘Agripinaaa MK7 Braced Autogun with High Damage, Stopping Power and Ammo’ you would pay Hadron 300 plasteel and 300 Diamantine. The End result would be the gun with 70-100% for the 3 choosen fields. And it would pop out unconsecrated (grey) so you then would have to spend more to make it green>blue’>purple>gold. it’s “Base Rating” as a Grey would sync up with the player’s top gear just like the shop :slight_smile:

These prices are very expensive and a huge investment on purpose as an end-game-God-Emperor stat rolling strategy - That I recommend be unlocked at L30. but otherwise prices are easily massaged.

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I’m thinking of it like this, you use melee weapon X and gun Y, you level up once completing a certain run, thus, X and Y both receive one point respectively, you can spend the points you earn on those weapons only on those weapons, so if you wanna improve other weapons, you actually have to equip them to earn points on them on ‘level up’ runs.
You can then spend the points to improve so and so modifiers (1 point = 1 percent increase to some modifier). In fact, I had thought something similiar with regards to blessings. Suppose you do like the blessings on your weapons, but they’re both tier 1. So, upgrading a Tier 1 blessing to a Tier 2 blessing would cost lets say, 10 points, upgrading Tier 2 to Tier 3 would cost 20 points, and likewise Tier 3 to Tier 4 would cost 40 points.

Ergo, Now you can play the game and via ‘leveling up’ improve the weapons you use overtime whether it be in the modifier values they have, or the blessings that are on them, of course, the same logic that applies to blessings could likewise be implemented to the perks.

So you’d be able to improve your weapons to a perfect state, but it’ll take you a while.
Of course, if you got luck and started off with a really high base/blessings/perks on the weapon, that means your grind will be shorter, but other people who are not so lucky will be able to attain roughly the same end state as you.

Moreover, since improving weapons is now tied to leveling up and thus exp gain, the exp gain bonuses on trinkets and increased exp gain from heresy/damnation are now encouraged.

The best part would be, you’d no longer have to stalk the stores as obsessively as we do now.

I originally wrote it alongside a bunch of other things in a different thread. I think it’d go miles in respecting players time investment.

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Be careful you might attract the folks that think - Fatshark owes the players nothing - with your comment.

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Tbh, what you say is valid, but the issue with tying it to the crafting system, is that it shifts the focus from the gameplay, to resource hunting, which I find to be counter-productive to the whole, fight and survive from start to finish, which is what the point of the runs ought to be.

Besides that, as it stands, exp serves no function currently once you hit 30, making all +exp bonuses on trinkets useless, and rendering any exp gain regardless of difficulty moot. I’d like to see both these issues (the grind wall, and the pointlessness of exp) resolved simultaneously.

But if you’ve got an alternate suggestion, I’m all ears.


Ressources from smashing up stuff you get after each mission and after each further levelup. Like, I don’t know, some kind of… Queen’s Coffer or Regent’s Repository or something like that. I could swear I know that concept from somewhere, can’t put a finger on it, though.

If this strange, maybe innovative, system is handing out enough rewards to recycle into the crafting system then you get actually rewarded for playing the game, and, with and due to good crafting, in a way that is individually useful because you decide what to do with the gains, and when to invest or hoard them.

Pardon my jest ;D


I’d still rather see that you earn additional rewards, including crafting materials instead of just leveling up the weapon itself.

if you’re constantly running Damnation and then decide to switch weapons, you’re not going to want to do that, simply because of the handicap of using an underleveled weapon, where as, if you earn additional resources on every additional level up after 30, you can improve the weapons you want to use.


I can get down with that if the resources necessary to upgrade said weapons are earned like how @Xerofax described, as you’d be able to smelt down weapons and recycle them into power upgrades for weapons you actually use as well as earning them just by winning missions/leveling.

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