Latest FS newsletter

I looked around and have not seen a post on it yet.
Has anyone read the newsletter that came out today?

The newsletter stated 1.0.8 should go live next week.
Hopefully some of the audio issues are fixed, Shade gets some cleave back, and the Shade/Huntsman damage cap thing is tweaked a bit for live

Also said the content update is close to release.
“Tons of cosmetics, mod support, and achievement and challenges system.”

I wonder what that achievment and challenges system is.

So, excited? Thoughts?
Release by end of May if our ravaged bodies are deemed worthy?

I know some don’t feel this way but I think so far FS is working pretty hard on post release fixes, updates, etc…
I say thank ya!


Large steps in the right direction but communication is still at arms length.

Cant wait for mod support and QoL fixes so we can get reasonable bots and UI improvements.

Will be nice to be able to finally have a chance at cosmetics, although they havent mentioned changing the drop rates so maybe despite an increased item pool they’ll still be illusive as ever.

I am hoping more cosmetics in the “loot table” equates to higher probability of drop.

Yes, mod support is 'gon be good. I hope.

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Wait, why is it going live? The beta still seems to get constant bug reports of a significant nature.

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They said sometime next week.
Hopefully some of the fixes for various reports/issues are in live.

I’m optimistic; last update they put in beta did have a lot of the tweaks people wanted in it when it went live.


I did, albeit there wasn’t much to read, it could’ve probably been summed up in a sentence or two. The majority of the newsletter’s content were the pictures, which is nice, but still far from being informative. I guess they had to communicate something and it was easier (and better) than doing an hour long livestream with so little info.

Let’s hope the big bugs are sorted out Starship Troopers style before the patch next week.

The beta is nowhere near ready to go live. Do not make a repeat of release day and push a game that isn’t ready.

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They did quite the same with last beta if I recall right.
They put beta live and get ALL the bug report, fix them, but don’t put them into the beta.
Which, in a way is kinda weird cause bugfixes often lead to other bugs, so we can’t see these.

But yeah last beta was also buggy as hell and felt wrong to go live, but in the end it smoothly (more or less) went live

Is there anywhere to read this newsletter without having signed up for it? As far as I can see, it doesnt show on fatshark homepage OR VT2 homepage.


Yeah, try reddit.

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