Lack of communication

I preordered the game.
Seriously I didn’t find a company so unable (euphemism for incompetent) to create hype for a game.
I understand the necessity of keeping some secrets and the fact you don’t want to delude your customers (and it happens very often).
But at less than 50 days before the launch, no updates is a bad news.

apparently in Sweden most people go on holiday in July so we will have to wait

Apparently in Sweden July lasts for 365 days :rofl: :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


the reason is simple you compare a studio that is self publishing, wich just 6 games under its belt, to multimedia behemoths

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What exactly do you mean unable to create hype?!

We are all bloody hyped like crazy. Do you need to see the whole Game and Story in Advance or let yourself be surprised. Sometimes its tough, but pleasent delight is always the best one right ^^

Its always harder the closer it gets to release

And yes, like Cedric said, small studio, comparatively small Budget to other Companies. I rather have them “WORK on the GAME, RATHER than WASTING RESOURCES and MANPOWER” for nothing.

Go to Youtube Channel and watch the Audiofiles and the Gameplay in the Meantime. Theres a couple 20min more or less Raw Gameplay!


Holiday season here in Sweden lasts from june to august, its fairly normal for people to take as much as 3-5 weeks off in a row, even for highly demanded professions like doctors as well. But if there are multiple ones working on the same stuff then they´ll naturally take their holidays in shifts to make sure there´s always minimal staff in place.

However as a result, expecting a company to have full staff (and thus get active) before the middle of august (when most of the major holidays are done) is pretty much nothing but wishful thinking.

And i am explaining this because it seems like it seems you’re unaware of this or fail to consider that a small company would not wana do anything major that might need most of their staff in place at a time when most are gone.

As for building hype, how much do you need beyond a trailer or two plus some gameplay peeks? They arent looking to spoil it all.


Fatshark went silent when it comes to proper hype after they showed the roadmap of Vermintide 2 shortly after release and then immediately failed to get anything done. The roadmap was taken down fast, without even reaching the first goal. The game had too much technical problems and the existence of the roadmap gave the community just more reason to complain. So Fatshark went basically silent after this, almost not showing what they were working on throughout the years.

Its just silly. No one wanted them to go silent, because its not good. They made promises they couldnt keep (Dedicated Servers…) and are now too cautious on what they present to not make any more promises. In some cases its a good idea, in others its not. Best example would be the 4th careers. They were working on them, they finished them, so it would have been a good idea to just show what they were working on to get the community a little hyped up. I actually got perma-banned on the steam forum because i provoked Hedge by constantly asking about Sister of the Thorn when she got leaked. Didnt understand why they wouldnt just officially show something.

Probably because that original leak was some alpha-alpha stage stuff that wasnt even properly past the drawing board. And despite holding it off for a long time it still ended up being rushed and badly done resulting in a god damn awfully bad balanced class that needed a massive nerfhammer smackdown to barely not be all too ridiculously OP.

It woulda been better if there was no leak and they took more time and hopefully realized what a mess they had made, thought it through and remade it, before adding it in.

There wouldnt have been a need to show something specific, like the leaked version did. It was kinda accurate though. Still, just the official information that Sister would be the elf class could have given the community something more to talk about instead of just theorycrafting what kind of career would be possible, like its now still going on with Sienna.

I dont think the leak did anything in regard to Sisters balance. The moderators did quick work in deleting everything that talked about the leak on the Steam forum. Proper balancing is just a general problem for Fatshark.

Edit: That was unfair of me to say though. The overall balance of Vermintide 1 and 2 was actually pretty good. Just the extreme imbalance of a few specific things was terrible.

Doesn’t really matter imo. Instead of speculating what the career will be, people would just speculate how exactly Fatshark would mess up the specific career teasered.

I also distrust anything published about a game before it is actually out. Hype often leads to disappointment and backlash due to the extreme expectations of some people that can’t be met. So for me the less info we have before the game is out, the better. Let the finished product speak for itself.
I know that more money lies in overhyping something but that does not mean I have to like it.

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Well, it does matter, because the more informations are given the better is the communication between developer and community and thus a decreased chance of something butchered is released. Not to mention that the interest is automatically increased in the community the more there is to talk about.

You should certainly not let the finished product speak for itself, especially not from small companies. They usually do not have the amount of professional testers needed to release a flawless product. You should want as many informations as you can get, because the release version will be the actual open beta.

Why should a Game be butchered because of less Information. XD haha makes no sense.
Devs have a Vision they wanna get to and thats that.

When it comes to Playtesting on small Companies, you are right.
When was a Game Game flawlessly released in the last 11 Years? Cant remember one except Ghost of Tsushima.

Rather have them work on the Game than Chit Chat the whole time with us. But yes, it would be nice to hear somthing after that long time.
They actually have stated that there will be plenty of Opportunities but well.
I reckon next month will be Open Beta so fingers crossed.

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They went out on the forums yesterday with a two part announcement, one about the game being delayed to november or such and the other being a sign-up for beta testing.

I think that counts, even if a delay isnt the happiest thing to occur its at least honest of them to be forthright with needing more time to work. Its a sincere thing to do that i seriously wish some others could have done too.

They probably figured that they wouldn’t have time for a proper open beta with the previous launch date, what with summer break and all. If it can spare us another messy launch, I don’t think anyone would object to that delay.

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Makes no sense?

Example number 1: New World. The developers had the “vision” of creating a hardcore-survival PvP game but after giving out a playtest to the community it turned out that the vast majority of players didnt want that at all and thus AGS scrapped their vision shortly before release, put in the wanted PvE content to make the game more like an MMORGP but wasnt able to fully change it and thus it still had mechanics in it that were meant for a hardcore-survival PvP game. You can see how good that went after release.

So instead of talking with the community right from the beginning, like the devs of Ashes of Creation do, AGS went with their own vision which turned out to be terrible. Surprise! Humans make mistakes.

Example number 2: DLC content. Fatshark didnt talk about Sister of the Thorn, didnt let the community playtest and thus released a highly overpowered career with an overpowered weapon that made runs pointless and boring. It had to be changed because the community didnt like it. Here again the vision of the creator doesnt matter when the customer doesnt like the product.

The beta wont do anything, the communication was already not good enough. The release version will be the actual open beta, much like it was in Vermintide 2 and much like it is happening in most other games.

They didnt talk about it but there was a very early stage leak that probably made a real mess of things, people knew what was in the works too fast and started spamming about it. Fatshark probably caved in and rushed it to past results.

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As i have said, when the leak happened Fatshark made sure to delete everything that was posted about Sister soon after. There wasnt even much of a spam, because most people didnt realize the leak was happening.

The leak also didnt include any specific numbers or talents or wepaons which were eventually the cause of Sister being highly overpowered.

That´d be the first leak i think, there was a second one with video showing the walls and some talents later. This one also got taken down but not fast enough.

It could possibly have been a third leak too…its been a bit too long and my memory of it is vague.

That may be true. I only know of the first leak with the picture.

Yes still makes no sense and it doesnt matter. Games came out before and didnt make them less Good.

Playtesting is what matters.

Lack of Communication doesnt. This is not an Early Acces where you really can or allowed to Shape the Game from Alpha to release. Thats not the point.
We shape after yes,when we played.
Its like in a Restaurant, the Chef does Season, but not over the top since people like to put their Seasoning aswell on the Food even without trying it first you see. You make it Good or perfect, but not everyone likes it. Tastes are different.

But only from the Point of Information it doesnt matter still.

I play Videogames since the 90`s and there were lots of Amazing Games without Playtesting and or “Lack of Communication”

There was none Communication whatsoever sometimes

The Game came out and thats it. To know the Game in its entirety is a new thing. It can help if the Vision of Devs is not clear or there are other problems. But for that you need lots of People playing it. The Industry changed a lot. Some Bugs can only be found with lots of varied Rigs and whatnot. Still this is a Small Studio.

In regard to Sister of Thorn. Havent played her but i know they change stuff. But it seems it was the Player that made FS do the early release like you said, cause it was hyped and had the pressure from Gamers. So its not entirely their fault.

The other problem with Early Acces or releasing Betas too early, is that People play it like crazy, moan about it and dont play it after.
Performance would be bad, bugs everywhere, Glitches, so what are you gonna do about it. Wait until the Games runs for most people like Butter and then Tweak or fix certain stuff after.
Anything else is stupid. But as you see Devs have a hard time when it comes to that. I would have liked the Game last Year but i knew its better to wait. We need to go away from that shitty behaviour from Developers and Publisher that put pressure on releases with a unfinished product.
So what FS is doing is the best strategy iMO

Again im pretty sure we get Playtest next month. Dont forget that ther was still a thing called Corona. Now is also Vacation time in Europe, so i reckon some have Families they need to tend to etc.
They said plenty of Opportunity, but the Game needs to be at a certin Stage so it makes sense.
I think we will be more than Pleasantly surprised when it comes out. Sadly im used also to Unfinished Games releasing, but i didnt think V2 was so bad on release. Ive seen much worse adn more often. My Buddies and i played Deathiwng form the get go and some time after the Enhanced dropped. We were Bughunting and everything and had reeal Good Communication after with Focus.
I was a BF Gamer like crazy since the very first Battlefield and play all except the newest one. Didnt even bother to Buy it becasue they fracked it up too many times.

Also about the "New World " thing. Players didnt like it to be a HC Survival?! So play something else then. It seems these Devs are some of the nices Guys ever in this Industry, makeing a totally new Game after only becasue of Gamers bitching. It was Clear form the Start what this Game was al about or not?

In Darktide we know what to expect are we not?
V2esque Gameplayrendered in 40k Glory. Hackn Slash, Shooting, Coop Gamne with lots of awesome Banter.

From the Gameplay you could see whats it all about or not.
The only thing for me that is really weird was the Levels. It felt totally different since we are not in open Cities, Forrest, harbors or whatever.
My only Concern so far is the Variety in the Hive City. Can it really be that different from place to place?!
Yeh you have Industry, Slums, maybe even we go to the Top, where the rich Peopz live. But the variety is definetly harder to Nail down in this Game for sure.
Yes you could say that in W40k Deathwing you are in a Space Hulk made from different Space faring Vessels, and it was Epic.
But this Game is a totally different Beast.

I hope we gonna get Outside the City for a Mission or two and see the landscape. But i really Hope we get DLC where we go to other planets.
ALso i would like to see Fighting on our Ship above the Planet like for one Mission, because some of the other Pennants was infected and made it to the ship without anyone noticing it!