Kruber Handgun - "Headshots replenish 1.0 ammo" not possible to roll?

so i have just spent all of my orange dust I have EVER saved to get this talent.
And I got like 15 times CRITS restore 2 ammo but NOT this talent.

That this combination is not possible to get is so annoying when not even the Wiki warns you.

And btw, why are the orange weapon traits so terribly boring in general?? So few and boring.
Sorry for my rant but building your character (experimenting and trying out talents and traits) is almost non existent in this game when you compare this to Multiplayer games like Mass Effect 3 etc. because they are boring, weak or just obvious to take.
– even though I appreciate we have talent-trees now in the first place.

The trait is able to be rolled on Krubers handgun , i have it on my orange and red , also have it on my red kruber longbow , conservative sharpshooter is its name

huch? how can I roll the other talents like 12-15 times then and NOT get the one I want? either this session was bugged or its not possible. Because I know what RNG means - but getting ALL other traits countless times - these odds are just too small.

No odds are too small.
I have had times I got a perfect roll on the first try and times I had to waste 30 dust to get a trait I want.

My record is rolling the same (wrong) trait 6 times in a row. Up to the point I thought I was rerolling the wrong item.

The odds of getting hit by lightning are also too small, yet people constantly keep getting hit by it. And what are the odds of getting hit by a meteorite? I also have no idea, but there is at least one registered death cause by meteorite direct hit. And compared to all that 100 unsuccessful trait rerolls is nothing.

ok sure - the chance is VERY slim but existing.

guess I just found it then very likely this talent is just not in Krubers handgun - Pool.
Because such irregularities happened often in V1.

I have received it plenty of times on his longbow.

so, there are people outthere who have this talent on their handgun and each time get 2 bullets back playing the huntsman?

Huntsman has innate +1 ammo on headshot, with the trait you get +2 (or really just +1 because you used one of that to shoot).
With his talent he can get +3 (real +2).

I use it on FK actually so I only get one bullet per headshot. Does this count?

Because it’s quite possible the RNG is actually somewhat broken. There have been a few threads about it (search is your friend) and FS is looking into it. If you seem to get stuck on only a few results, play a map and try again after that. Might help if you reported your findings in the relevant threads, too.

Also, as Nik said, it’s still RNG, and while there is 1-in-[however many Traits there are] chance to get the one Trait you want, it doesn’t mean that you will get it in [n] rolls (or, in theory, ever). That’s the problem with randomness. Rolling three ones on three dice has a probability of about 0.5% (i. e. 1/200), and still it happens.

Just to pop in and say it is possible to roll it and i did roll one just yesterday. (20 yellows aprox)
At this point tough they really need to add a system where you can guarantee certain perk rolls with increased dust costs or something.

its possible, I have one.

I have a handgun with the trait. However, the last time I used it I noticed I was still only getting 1 ammo return on head shots. Either the talent or the gun trait was not working/stacking. Each headshot should have made my ammo count go up by one overall, but instead was just keeping it at the same amount.

Were you at 1/16 (17 total) shots?
The handgun recovers ammo before spending it, so you get to 18 (the max limit), but then spend the ammo.