Ammo on crit

Hello everyone, can you still get a trait on ranged weapon for 2 ammo on crit? thanks.


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Thanks! Guess i was just unlucky with 15 rerolls.

I’m not convinced that a reroll changes the orange’s trait. Can anyone confirm this or have I just been unlucky too?

There are 2 different rerolls, properties and traits.
Properties use green and blues, traits orange.

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Aha! I thought the orange one was to keep the stats but reroll the ranges. Cheers!

are them available on all ranged weapons for all characters?

If it is a ranged weapon that uses ammo, then yes.

My experience with the trait though, is that you cant get your crit high enough for it to make a significant difference.

Its not like there are that many worthwile traits anyway.
Barrage is nice, but otherwise… every little bit helps, especially in higher difficulties.

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