Ammo-regen skill for dual-pistol?

I’ve been rerolling the orange skill of my dual-pistols (Victor) countless times, but I just CAN’T get on the “regen 2 ammos after a critical hit” skill… Is it even possible to have that one on the dual-pistols ?

Yes. You are just as lucky as me when you get everything but the 1 trait you want but then it shows up on different weapon 15 times in a row when you don’t want it.

oh ok… so that’s just bad luck then ^^

Fortunately, i have this trait on my Repeating-gun and repeating crossbow as well and i love playing with those too, so that’s ok :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah i’d love to have it on the dual-guns, looks pretty neat.

Guess i’ll just keep rerolling then.

Although I gotta say that the thing where you reroll the orange trait and get back on the EXACT SAME PERK is awfully frustrating

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This. So much, have been talking about this horrible occurence since beta - lost SO much dust to it.

Did this and lost 7 orange dust in a row. SEVEN.

then took my newly “changed” gun and used it to repaint the walls…

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Only seven? I went up to 9 once, then got a shitty trait, then ended up playing with the shitty trait and the trait I already had 6 times before getting something else end then looping again xD. It gets especially frustrating if you reroll 20 times, get your old trait back, roll 6 more times and finally get the trait you wanted.

I wasted about 13 trying to get scrounger on a pistol and still failed. Rolling the inspirational headshots one about 70%. Now I’m out of orange dust.

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