Kruber bot is broken on Xbox

Kruber bot is unusable, he always has his range weapon drawn. Refuses to block the first attack from monsters therefore getting completely pancaked by Minotaur as the fight begins, the Grail Knight shield doesn’t not function against fire rats when attempted by a bot, he will run away from monster with range weapon drawn to hunt a gas rat that he will run directly up to then switch to Melee and beat it to death. If you are downed and there is a gunner shooting he will stand on your body with ranged weapon drawn and wait, which only lured enemies to you and leads to his un defended death as he gets poked by anything that happens by.

The bots need attention for so many reasons. They are completely neutered against beastmen in the wastes on CATA, do much so that if a banner is planted just around a corner out of sight or in a tunnel there is no hope of them breaking it, nor do they even try to. This is a serious handicap. Bots are completely untrained with respect to fighting any beastman unit. With respect to a Minotaur, Kruber will not survive the first attack if he is the first target, Saltspire will not survive more than a minute if he is stacked with another bot unless he is warrior priest, kerillian will block every attack because she refuses to back dodge, Sienna is functional if unchained, bardin will live a long time but is a pylon. All bots will stack and walk themselves to have their backs against a wall. If any of them cause bleed it is a death sentence without a character with extreme DPS or a staggering career skill. The bots need to be made to back dodge not side dodge against Minotaur. Dodge block dodge, recover stamina, survive maybe.
Did no one even play test the bots in the wastes on Cata on Xbox?
If you load into a blood tornadoes map while you get a drink or hit the bathroom while it loads you will come out to dead bots as they stand in the tornadoes, refusing to avoid them or even leave them, on extra hordes you are forced to speed run the levels from respawn point to respawn point as they are always dead, same goes for exploding skulls or infected enemies, the bots make no effort to avoid the effects nor can they even see the skulking sorcerer. It seems unreasonable to have bots take vast amounts of damage from effects they are oblivious to. They seem functional with respect to lightning, but it has been around since weaves began.

The Xbox version is in desperate need of bot patch. We’ve been asking for an adjustment to the revive procedures since launch. With the size of the revive area there is no reason they should stand directly on top of you, and if they must and they have guard remaining then why do I take damage from attacks they block?

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And that doesn’t even mention that they walk infront if you every time you try to shoot while moving.

This is not just an issue on the X-Box version of the game. Same goes for PC, since the improved bot mod doesn’t work anyomore.

The Ranged Weapon bug with Kruber bot is on PC too.

This isnt really a Kruber-bot specific bug is it? All my bots can do this, especially the ones with non-shout abilities just get stuck posing a lot.

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No idea. I just notice it on him more. I’ve resorted to having Grail Knight die 4x a match rather than see Merc hiding behind me AFK for half the match while the bug is active.

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It’s not just that he is AFK when there are large spawnings (like 6 leeches or something) it’s that he actively walks around with his rifle drawn , in hordes, during boss fights, 80% of the time he is holding his ranged weapon and he takes a ton of damage.

There are similar bugs on Xbox and pc, yes.
The difference being that fatshark refuses to fix problems on the Xbox unless it is a problem on pc as well.

If it wasn’t for pc modders we would still have V1 grade bots.

He continues holding his range after all the Specials are dead. That’s the bug I’m talking about. After a lot of Specials it’s like the AI gets stuck trying to kill them when they’re already gone.

He’ll literally be in melee range of a Horde walking away from them with his gun out and getting hit to death.

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I would use GK too but mine gets stuck holding his holy sword too often T_T

Its like he doesnt manage to hit his intended target in time so he just holds on to it looking for something else that meets his standards, even if that means he cant guard in the meanwhile :upside_down_face:


Kitten, yes exactly.
They should never pull out their range until they can actually see it, and fully intend to shoot it.

Sienna is pretty bad about this as unchained, but she not likely to die from it unless she gets gassed. In which case she lives to slow walk vent and explode and die :/. But she’s still quite useable.

The grail knight running around with stuck in his special is quite common, the waystalker and bounty hunter have the same issue. You’ll notice if you pay attention that grail knight will most often have his secondary weapon equipped, if he had a ranged weapon he would be wielding it at those times, just like merc, huntsman and footknight.

And grail knight dies way to much. Dying 4 times in 1 chaos waste mission and twice to the same grudge mark monster is…frustrating to say the least.

Bots need an intelligence spike when they are used in CATA. It doesn’t need to be much, mostly situational awareness, like successful and speedy revives, and equipping the right weapon at the right time, and NOT CHASING GAS RATS would be enough to not make them OP but make them act more like a human would.


This is the weird thing. If I run optimal bots on Legend I can walk to the end of the map while barely doing anything, while on Cata, I have to run into walls to stop them walking too far from me and getting surrounded.

It completely ruins events and Boss fights, because they become more about making sure the bots survive than killing the enemies.

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Yeah, they never protect their backs, wether it’s from walls or minions, the only thing they care about more than monsters is gas rats.
If they didn’t stack up it would help, like if when fighting a rat ogre they would line up one on left shoulder 1 on head, 1 on right shoulder then they wouldn’t blind one another for dodging the attacks.
1 bot 1 human vs monster goes way better than 3 Bots 1 human.

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