KNOWN ISSUE: Problems With Twitch Drops/Account Connectivity for Twitch Drops

I too am unable to link my account with twitch via the Fatshark screen where I choose to pick Steam or Windows PC

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same here now i have constant authentication codes being sent to my phone every minute, its getting annoying haha

I four, have this issue

I can log into my steam account on the link site, but when I try to link my twitch it resets the page and I have to start over.

I linked my twitch and steam accounts via the site and was having trouble with the drops tracking so I unlinked my account via twitch.

I am now unable to re-link my account via the site because it says it is already linked.

Any idea how to fix this?

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ive actually do have quite similar issues, i can link my steam acc and got a TICK check mark, but when i tried to link with the twitch it reset my check mark and i have to sign in with steam again> its keeps repeating the same thing no matter how much ive try to link it. any way that this could be reset?

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Ive submitted a ticket to FS, hoping they can force reset it their end then can relink to twitch.

“I have passed this on to our Backend Engineers, but I have no ETA on a resolution at this time. Please rest assured we’ll look in to it!
Julia - Community Support”

Submit a ticket and they will get to it when they can :slight_smile:

yeah im having trouble signing in also cant get my drops…says failed to sign in everytime i try to use steam to log into fatshark

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I’m also having a similar issue. I didn’t have my accounts linked before, now when I try it just says failed to sign in.

Same here

its fixed for me now.

They have now added the ability to unlink on the site, hopefully people will be able to trouble shoot more easily going forward :smiley:

I’m still getting the issue where attempting to link the Twitch account resets the link account page and I have to link Steam again.

All I can suggest is deleting cookies from twitch and, often when there are issues with twitch linking you should unlink and logout of both sites, relink and it fixes it, hope you get it sorted

I’ve tried different browsers (Firefox, Edge), nuking cache and cookies, logging out, removing permissions in twitch. Disabled adblockers, addons.

It redirects back to with a token ID but it always just reverts the site back to before step one.

The URL just before it reverts is[token is here]&scope=&state=twitch_linking

Id submit a ticket to FS then, they answered me quick and fixed it within a few hours, heres the link;

I linked and unlinked and linked again watched houres of twitch now but it dosent even show up on the progress in the drop inventory =(

Anyone got any ides how to fix this ?

I also haven’t received the drops as I linked the accounts AFTER watching the necessary amount of time.

Linked account, claimed skin, does not show up ingame in the appearance tab, fix pls :confused: