KNOWN ISSUE: Problems With Twitch Drops/Account Connectivity for Twitch Drops

I can link the account but it doesn’t register im watching steam so i get no time added for the loot =(

Issue Description:
Claimed my twitch drop but I claimed it before I linked my account, and it doesn’t seem to show up in the cosmetics inventory of the lasgun.

Steps to Reproduce:
I claimed the drop before I linked my account.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
18-Nov-'22 23:00 CET

Upload Supporting Evidence:


I have the same issue :confused:

If you read what they posted with it, it says that it can take some time!

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I don’t know what falls under “some time” is it like in the 10 to 60 min range?
Or in the hours range?
Cuz it’s been easily 5 or so hours by now and I’ve not received anything.

the twitch drops are coming on the 30th.

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Ah gotcha, didn’t see where they posted that since on steam and on their website I only found the “twitchdrops are live” part.
But I’m fairly used to twitch drops being redeemable the moment you get them. But I do understand that they are given the moment the game goes into full release.
But you can only claim them before the 30th, kinda a strange order of doing things but whatever.

There are some issues surrounding Twitch Drops at the moment.

I’ve added this to our database.

I’ve followed every step for the Twitch drops but once I click on Step 2 to link twitch account, it rolls back to step 1 where I need to re-sign in with Steam.

I’m unable to reach step 3. Tried 3 internet browsers, same thing.

What can I do ?

I claimed my Twitch Drop yesterday, but it is not in game. Is there a certain amount of time before it works? Is this happening to others or am i just unlucky?

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Just to make sure, did you.

In loadout go to Range Weapons. Click on the weapon, it has to be the same weapon as the skin, then C to add skin to weapon

The Lasgun, yes. I assume its the Infantry Lasgun and not the pistol?

Yeah that’s the one.

You sure you have claimed it on Twitch?

at twitch click you profile in the top right corner, then drops & rewards.

as far as i know all cosmetics will be available at game release aka nov 30.

Yes i have claimed it in Twitch, as i said in my original post.
@DiLust Are you saying this from the perspective of you also not having the skin in game?
@akaLuckyEye What about you? Do you have the skin in game or are you just trying to help?

Edit: i found out from a twitch chat, people do currently have it in game. :frowning:

FatsharkJuliaCommunity Support


The items listed below will not be available during the Pre-Order Beta, and will instead be awarded to players on release, being the 30th of November.

  • Imperial Edition Items
  • Pre-Order Bonuses
  • Vermintide Cosmetics (Devoted Rejects Pack)
  • Twitch Drops

Existing reports may be merged here, to help us keep track of the issues being reported.

you know where to look for the skin ingame?

did you linked the right profiles, maybe u have 2 steamacc? :smiley:

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strange i got a skin from the drops already ingame

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I have the twitch drop skin in-game already.

everytime i try to log into fatshark to link for twitch drops it fails

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