KNOWN ISSUE: Problems With Twitch Drops/Account Connectivity for Twitch Drops

We are aware of and looking in to a number of issues involving Twitch Drops, or account connectivity for Twitch Drops.

Update 31/01/2023

Existing reports may be merged here, to help us keep track of the issues being reported.


Twitch, Darktide and Steam account are linked together properly.

Followed the tutorial in this officiel link :

The watch time on twitch is done and i claimed the reward.

But no customisation is avaible on game for the lasgun.

If you need more informations im here waiting !

Have a great day !

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We are aware there are some issues with Twitch Drops - I’ve added your report to our database.

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Thx you i appreciate !

If i can send you some date or more information i will be happy to help !

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I have the same issue.
•Accounts (Steam, Twitch & Darktide) are all linked,
•Skin is claimed,
~ But the skin is not showing up in the in-game inventory.

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Same here

I Linked my accounts (steam to fatshark, Steam to twitch, Darktide to twitch), watched stream and got twitch reward (lasgun skin) i have claimed it but i still dont have it on my acc.

In other post Fatshark said i will be available after 30th but how the hell other people alredy have it? I’ve seen streamers and players in game running with this Twitch lasgun skin.

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There are some issues with Twitch Drops at current. I’ve added this to our database.

Please also include the URL to your Steam profile! :slight_smile:

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When trying to sign in with my twitch account at “” the site will redirect me to the start without the first step completed, a quick Discord search shows i’m not the only one experiencing this.

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As expected, Twitch Drops can be “claimed” but are not present in-game.


Our Backend Engineer is looking in to this. :slight_smile:


I keep getting a login fail when trying to link my twitch and steam account? It shows my account and recognizes it, but “Fails to login” when I try to go further


I’m also having this issue, Quigley

i cant link my accoutn says login failed

having this same issue now

same issue with me

I just used the connecting and it worked for me.

I’m having a similar issue. I was able to sign in and link my Twitch and Darktide account but the skin isn’t showing in-game despite being shown as claimed in my Twitch inventory. It’s not a big deal if nothing can be done, just wanted to report the issue.

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I’m receiving a similar issue. Steps taken leading up to the issue:

  • Claimed the drop on Twitch after watching the allotted time.
  • Realised accounts weren’t linked and connected them up.
  • Links all showing as successful
  • Item yet to appear in-game, even after 24 hours.

Please let me know if this is best submitted as it’s own thread.


I have the issue where it goes back to before step one when trying to do step 2

I’ve tried different browsers (Firefox, Edge), nuking cache and cookies, logging out, removing permissions in twitch. Disabled adblockers, addons.

It redirects back to with a token ID but it always just reverts the site back to before step one.

The URL just before it reverts is[token is here]&scope=&state=twitch_linking