KNOWN ISSUE: Crash on Launch With `AMD Radeon RX 6700/6900 XT`

We are aware of an issue where users with AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT and AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT cards will encounter a crash on launch due to an AMD driver-related issue. AMD are investigating the issue.

Existing reports may be merged here, to help us keep track of the issues being reported.

Edit: Updated to include the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT.

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This is happening to me.

Also, i’ve tried opening the game through the files with the “Start Protected Game”
It opens, but It displays the message “Backen error: Error signing in”

Please advise on how to overcome this.
Thank you.

Also Happening here. RX6900XT. I can also launch from EAC executable but get a log in error upon entering main splash screen.

Note, this exact same problem is happening with my nVidia 3080 TI running 526.98.

Ryzen 9 5900X
32GB DDR4 3000hz
Windows 10 64

I’ve tried launching with settings cranked to low and it still immediately crashes after the second splash screen.

GUID: e517217e-5902-4272-a1ad-9dacf773c366
Log File:
Info Type:

EDIT: Found a fix for AMD cards at least. Re install the latest driver for the 6000 series card and do a factory reinstall and restart your pc. Now the game loads up.

Ran into this same issue. Right after hitting play on the launcher and the EAC splash loads it then closes and crashes without a report until after I hit play from steam again.
Graphics card 6800m
Ryzen 5900x processor
Windows 10 64 bit

It was just fine earlier today but randomly started crashing for no reason. I have verfied steam files it found 91 files corrupted. Tried to reload the game still ran into that crashing issues after the EAC splash. Reinstalled same problem. I just noticed there was a windows update so i’m going to try again after that is done to see if that makes a difference.

Changed steam to Admin, and that didn’t work. Tried launching the game through the folder and it launches but gets back end error. Going to try and roll back the driver update to see if that fixes the problem will update my post if it works.

Game runs perfectly for me on Linux with AMD Radeon 6900 XT.


OS: Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS
KERNEL: 6.0.6-76060006-generic
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X 6-Core
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT (navi21, LLVM 14.0.0, DRM 3.48, 6.0.6-76060006-generic)
GPU DRIVER: 4.6 Mesa 22.2.0
RAM: 32 GB

im use RX 6900x i get constant crash

GUID: e970fdbb-3939-45d0-a1d8-ab460b629916
Log File:
Info Type:

Right this goes not only for the big gun of amd but my rx 6800 xt has the same problems endless crashing/ falling trough the floor in game pissing off the teams
THIS pre ALPHA should never been released in the wild it is NOT even ready to be an ALPHA.
When i set the game to high res hell starts and if i dare to set fidelityFX SR 1 on poof end of story

GUID: 8abc58c3-eee8-4007-a2c1-88704f871da6
Log File:
Info Type:

hmm, anyone else not on Win 11? maybe its a windows issue. THere is always a windows issue lol

I’m on windows 11 with a 6900xt and it’s still crashing on launch, I’ve tried a few different driver versions as well with no success.

The issue seems to be limited to the darktide launcher though. If I start the game using the EAC launcher it works fine, though then I’ll get the login error.

Looks like this issue has been fixed for me with the launch update. Using a 6900xt with the latest drivers.

Game starts fine for me with 6900 just could be optimized a lot more. I only experienced a few crashes during the beta but so far so good today. I’m also on win 10 if that matters

I still am not able to play.

I open the launcher in steam and it get stuck in the opening picture of darktide and times out.

My specs are:
AMD Rysen 7 3700X 8-core
32gm Ram
AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT (latest amd software from 01/12/2022)
Windows 10

does this also apply to the RX 6600 cards as well, cause i have had this issue back in the preorder beta after the first week

Since the last hotfix 1.0.12 game crashes to desktop on start every time. Have tried to verify the game files and drivers are up to date, and have tried turning graphics as low as possible.

Have a Radeon R9 Fury series, running on Windows 10.

GUID: 7709db58-ce63-442c-934a-c66475e3f02d
Log File:
Info Type:

Seconding this post. Same gpu: Radeon R9 Fury series and never had issues booting into the game from the closed and open beta. Patch 1.0.12 has prevented me from getting past the easy anti-cheat “waiting for game” pre-launch screen. Have verified and re-installed easy anti-cheat, the files through steam, and re-downloaded the game with no change to the failpoint.

GUID: 50f8e703-b41a-4aec-893a-17415b6bbf85
Log File:
Info Type:

Same for mine Radeon R9 Fury. Having constant crashes since 04.12.2022.

GUID: 45f653b1-014c-431a-b24f-c2f24a7a6837
Log File:
Info Type:
DxDiag.txt (86.5 KB)