KNOWN ISSUE: 'Complete all 7 mission types' Penances not completing

There’s been countless reports for the penance types of ‘Complete all 7 mission types’ being stuck at 6/7 and things of that nature. Most likely, this is because you’re missing a mission type but don’t know which. We’re working on something to make the penance clearer.

Threads will be merged into this one to reduce clutter, but if you’ve got evidence that you definitely completed all 7 mission types (Investigation, Assassination, Raid, Strike, Repair, Disruption, Espionage) then please ping me and present said evidence so that I can properly log it and report it as an issue to our developers.

We don’t want to rule out the possibility that there’s an actual bug involved, but until tracking for the penance is clearer I’m afraid that we’re going to have to operate under the assumption that it’s working as intended.


Issue Description:
Even though I have made a check list and completed all seven mission types more then twice on Malice, I cannot progress in this.

I have seen other topics where the player is stuck at 7/7 but I am stuck at 6/7.
It is making me fall out of love with the game.

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Issue Description:
The penance “Mind Over Matter (2)” (As a Psykinetic, complete a mission of each type in Malice threat or higher) gets stuck on 6/7 and you are unable to complete it.
It appears that it can’t be fixed by re-doing all the mission in Malice and this mission prevent the progress of “Kinetic Killer (2)” resulting in you to be unable to obtain the hood


Player ID:
[Steam Community :: MrJack20252]

Reproduction Rate:

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I have the same issue except for the first part of Mind over Matter. 6/7 missions completed. Stuck, and I have completed dozens of missions with my psycher at this point.

You might wanna redo the variants of each mission type. Mine was stuck at 6/7 as well. I did the newer disruption Mission and got nothing. Redid the first one and it completed.

Had penances stuck like this too. Eventually they unstuck, or maybe I randomly did the correct missions again.

That said, these penances need a 'fing list of mission types completed/open. Suggesting to re-do 7 mission types because one of them maybe didn’t register is a pretty dumb solution.

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Well dumb solutions are kinda the name of the game here, if we’re being honest. Just look at the “improvements” we’ve gotten so far.


No argument there, I was more thinking of fatshark essentially driving players down that road because their UI/Penance tracking is missing such a basic feature (progress meter with stats on completed/missing).

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I just got done doing all 7 mission types on malice, some of them more than once and yet im still not getting the penance (Vantage point 2). I was 6/7 missions completed when the beta ended but even if that somehow didnt carry over i did play every single mission type on malice today (release day) and still the number hasnt updated.

Steps to reproduce:
-Play veteran (Obviously complete vantage point 1)
-Get to 6/7 missions done for vantage point 2 during the beta(?)
-Play all 7 mission types (Raid, assassination, investigation, disruption, strike, espionage and repair) on malice threat at least once
-Progress for vantage point 2 wont update, making the penance impossible to get

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Can confirm, I was with him the whole time

I am stuck on the first tier of this penance. Has been at 6/7 throughout beta. Espionage was missing. I’ve done it, and still nothing. I re-did a bunch of other missions too in case I’ve missed something, but nope. Still stuck. My psyker had his penance at 6/7 too, and that one completed no problem.

I have the same issue.

Same issue here

Same issue for me I’ve played all mission types of Malice several times and it’s still stuck on 6/7.

Same issue,so frustrating
sharpshooter,stuck on 6/7

Issue still persists.

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On my Sharpshooter, I have been stuck on the Penance “Vantage Point”, 6/7 mission types completed. The Character is lvl 30 and fully geared up (90h played), so there is basically zero chance that I have not done all the mission types yet (been this way since the first days of the pre-order beta).

Any way to unstuck this? Charactername is Salamanka.


I had it stuck on first tier. I figured if I do all missions from scratch again it will work. So I’ve done all on Malice, and it gave me both tier one and two at once. Try going through every mission type again on higher difficulty, see if you can “skip” first tier.


Sadly, the same issue exists for my Psyker (same Account, Charactername Selaia)