Mission Type Completion Penance Bug

I believe I am experiencing a bug where it does not recognize the completion of a certain type of mission for this penance. The particular penance for me is the one for the Ogryn Skullbreaker. I can’t tell which mission type its not recognizing because its not actually listed on the penance itself. (another, but different issue.)

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Yeah I noticed that I am stuck at 5/7 for the mission type penances I made progress on. I have to complete each on malice, and I absolutely have, but I began to run each type to make sure I was doing it right. I come to find that 2 of the mission types are out of rotation, those being investigation and espionage, so maybe they have a bug of some sort. It is a little frustrating since it’s these two penances that are preventing progress on some others, but I am sure they are working on a solution of some kind seeing as the missions are already pulled.