Penances - Class: Complete A Mission of each type

Each of these have 3 tiers

Skullbreaker: Beat-'em-Up
Preacher: Praise the God-Emperor
Psykinetic: Mind over Matter
Sharpshooter: Vantage Point

#1 is Complete at least one mission of each type with a total count of 7
#2 is the same as #1 but now do it for Malice+ threshold
#3 is the same as #1 but Damnation difficulty

Now, they don’t show what kind, and this feedback has been around for a while now - not sure if it’s a bug or what not given these posts:

So, please, give it an indicator of some kind for the missions! So we know what to look for.


I agree with this completeley.

In the meantime, there is a mod for this.

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Just another UX thing that was forgotten from VT2 to DT.

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Oh but there is a system that tells you what you’ve done, its those random little arrows underneath mission previews.
A feature that is never explained to you in game and could easily be missed by most players. It’s also account wide completion, not specific to each character so it’s literally useless when your trying to finish those pesky 6/7 Penances for other classes.

At this point Fatshark’s motto should be “1 Step Forward, 2 Steps Back” for the amount of features present in previous games that they just blatantly ignored and the complete disregard to fix issues that have been in the game since the Beta.
But hey, the Paid Cosmetics are still being released so at least we know where their priorities are.

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