An update to the Sharpshooter Penance "Vantage Point" PLZ!

Can we get a list of the 7 mission types you have completed or lack there of?
Instead of the 6/7?
I have no idea what mission i need to run to complete this Penance.

Probably espionage, its what ive been stuck on as well

You can actually check which mission you have not completed. its somewhere in penances, I can’t tell you exactly where because I finished mine so its locked out by the next tier.

Yeah it’s in the missions tab. Look for the one that has no progress.

I’m stuck at 6/7 even though I’ve completed all the mission types on Heresy. Honestly don’t know what to do anymore.

Same here,but its a bug i guess,so many ppl have the same problem,stuck on 6/7 mission completed