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I manually did a check list of each of the 7 Heresy missions TWICE and still did not get the Penance completed. Anyone else having this bug? It is so frustrating !

Thats unfortunate. Im stuck at 4 because the maps have not come back into rotation. I will start keeping track now…another one of those things they had a system for and somehow don’t have anymore.

(be nice to have) Each mission neatly displayed with boxes and checkmarks for what we have done, underneath the penance objective. (like in V2)

The good news is we know who exploited the ammo for vets :wink:

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Look at this screenshot. It has 6/7 of the misisons completed Heresy or Damnation. No investigation on that picture.

But here is my investigation i have completed and still no Penance!!! Please any moderators fix this.

Steam Name: Valyn
Steam Account Name: TwiinxZer0
In game name: Valyn

Yea, same as me. Still at 6/7 for very long and been play on Heresy a lot.

KNOWN ISSUE: ‘Complete all 7 mission types’ Penances not completing - Warhammer 40,000: Darktide / Bugs - Fatshark Forums (

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nope but i accidentally got this yesterday so it can work at least sometime