Knight of the Blazing Sun Video, yours truly (Warhammer online, Return of Reckoning server)

For those who are not familiar with the topic, Warhammer Online was a MMORPG PvP focused game set in Warhammer universe that had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, EA rushed it, there was some really bad management afterwards and the whole thing was ruined and the servers were shut down. But, today we have an unofficial non-commercial server, Return of Reckoning. The guys and girls who are hosting and still developing that server are really doing some great things and keeping the Spirit of Warhammer Online alive.

Back in February 2017 I made a short video montage of me playing as a KotBS on that server. Some of you might find it entertaining so I’m posting a link here. Bear in mind that the game engine is 11 years old and that the graphics are not that good :wink:
One might ask: What’s the point of a tank in PvP?

Guard your healers and DPS (guarded target takes 30% less damage as long as you remain close to it). Attack enemy healers and casters, knock them down, interrupt their heals/spells, apply debuffs, punt away enemy melee DPS from your squishies, slow down the enemy and stagger him, apply challenge (challenged enemy deals 30% less damage), lead the charge, soak in the damage etc etc. Praticaly, you are a tank, damage sponge, leader, charger, buffer/debuffer, a pain in the ass for the enemy healer who is trying to heal his friends.