Kite and dodge dance chaos spawns 👻

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I find CS are still the most dangerous melee creatures out there. So I thought to open a topic about them.

I still have troubles to flawlessly dodge chaos spawns, especially if they run after me like crazy and spam 2-3 attacks at a time.

Lets assume we have all space available, what is the best way to kite them in general without getting hit?

Do you kite them just straight running backwards or is it better to turn lateral circles around the spawn?

I found that i can prevent most of the chaos spawn grabs from ‘sinistra’ by continuesly dodging lateral ‘dextra’.

What are your tricks? :blush:



You don’t need to continuously dodge in order to avoid getting grabbed. Just watch for its tentacle, when it goes in a wide backward swing - that’s the time to dodge away from it because it’s preparing to grab you.
When it goes to triple attack combo, dodge WHILE holding block to ensure maximum protection.


Solo’d one the other day (all my bots were dead) as iron breaker on legend with nothing but my 1h hammer, took forever but its certainly doable. It was in the arena before the lift on righteous stand.
As long as you can dodge the overheads and the tentacle grab and block everything else then you’re good. I just dodged backwards the majority of the time.

Had a mage kite one the other day in a legend game, rest of the party was down. She was able to time her dodges and blocks perfectly. Didn’t take any damage and slowly burned it down xD

I don’t have to worry about this as I mostly main handmaiden in legend and use the 3 sec aggro drop off skill lol. Even if I’m the last one alive, it will just stand there waiting for me to show back up again. Can get most of my poison arrows into it by that point and then slowly burn it down with the glaive until my team mates respawn.

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Test this on lower difficulties to not make high level groups suffer but this generally counts for all bosses.

Let them walk up to you with block up, wait for them to stop and immediately dodge backwards.

Once the slam has hit the ground walk up to them slightly and Dodge backwards when the swing is about to hit.

This way you can learn to keep a boss almost stationary. Always have block up, once you get more comfortable reading a boss you can do a charged attack as you walk up to it but don’t get greedy.

Trolls have a sweep where you can only dodge it entirely if you backstep it or pay attention to the arm swinging as one arm will have a safe zone.

For the overhead swing always dodge sideways or diagonally sideways, NEVER backwards. Unchained will get full vent from the sweep but make sure you know what’s behind you unless you want to go for a ride through a horde or off a cliff.

For fire ogres dodge fire sideways ofcourse, the sweeping arm backwards. Their aggro is awkward so don’t try to force them to stay in one place, don’t get greedyeither. The flames punish squishy heroes/careers way too hard.

It beats forcing your entire team to chase after bosses with people running like chickens.

Special note for chaos spawns, all attacks can be dodged with a simple backwards dodge except (partially) the 3 slam attacks where it chases you. Due to this make sure you know you have a way out, don’t get cornered and keep block up, time correctly and you won’t even lose one stamina dodging backwards OR TO THE SIDE (both work for this particular attack but alternate them wisely.)

Hope it helps!!


I find these really unreliable compared to Roger via this method. I think they bug out sometimes. I’ve had them do slam directly into another slam even though I wasn’t in range yet, pre-animation damage procs, etc. I try to just do a “local” kite with them, locking them a bit but being way more conservative than vs any other boss.

Chaos spawn is the only boss i don’t enjoy fighting. You have to be extremly passive if you have his aggro.
If i fight a rat ogre i can still hit him everytime i dodged one of his attacks.
On chaos spawn i can’t because sometimes he follows up with a new attack so fast, that i will get hit, if i try to attack back. So i just dodge and block as longe as i have his aggro.


Hmm… Well I’d say If you were to be unsure about spacing or still get hit, force the miniboss to take a step or two towards you to reset it’s attacks, you may force a forward-motion attack in the process however, so always keep that in mind.

That said ogres are indeed the easiest to kite, but I’ve done it with this method countless times on chaos spawn and trolls, though the latter might still try to move forward a but more during their attack cycles and flame ogres are just… They need better AI, unless their poor AI is intentional.

Also are you making sure to do a full dodge backwards? The idea isn’t to run all the way up to its face but enough where you would be in max melee range and would invite another attack only to repeatedly dodge!

Yea the chaos spawn is also known for suddenly turning around mid swing and gimping unprepared people that way, I’ve been on the receiving end of that a few times more than I’d like to admit.

I’d say they require a but more caution but I’ve had about the same success killing/kiting them as ogres. My only issue is the sudden turning and the fact that they can somehow grab you from all the way to the side if you’re unlucky, so I always kite them in as wide a possible areas and in “U turns” if I cannot keep them semi-stationary in a line (say, cramped area etc.)

Due to their forward 3 hit strike and the grab always keep an eye out for obstacles and enemy bodyblocking as you go about kiting it too!

Avoid V shaped corners at all costs, cause if you get stuck in the V you’re not getting out anymore. Also remember leaping over a crate or barrel can save your life but keep an eye on the swing timer so you don’t eat one right as you try to escape.

Yeah the kiting is not really a problem. Holding him in one place does work too. but attacking back after a dodge is to risky in my opinion.

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Agree, I won’t argue that it’s dangerous, hence I warned to not (note: never) get greedy. If your latency allows for it, there is a tiny window of opportunity right after the swing, basically right after you dodge (assuming you dodge in time and not too early) where a normal or charged attack can fit just right.

The catch here, for chaos spawn, is that the telegraphing on the 3 hit strike is very very bad in my opinion. PLUS it will quickly close the tiny distance between itself and you - so you’ll want twitch reaction to block in time and follow up with a Dodge (these three hits dont hurt unless they get a chance to break your block).

Aside from that the regular slams generally offer enough time to sneak a hit in.

But if you have a competent team just let them kill it for you, by all means!

Yes, I’m adept at Roger dancing can can solo one from full w/o issue the issue is I’ll do a proper dodge and be at triple-attack trigger distance then he’ll kinda stutter forward and do a 2nd slam less than a 2nd after the first slam. I think it’s a bug but I just play it safe on Spawn regardless now. Just too spazzed/glitchy to make the effort worth the reward right now and there seems to be a constant element of luck involved with his slam attack and pre-animation damage procs. Pretty much every hit that connects from him feels unbelievably cheeseball.

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Yea that’s a known issue even with ogres since vt 1, kind if like when someone dies and he’ll just stand there stuttering between aggro or attack at times constantly looping his grunt sound. All the bosses can get a little jittery sadly now and then ;_;

Mind you not trying to say you’re doing anything wrong, more trying to pile on tips that might smooth the experience, hopefully

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I guess I’m just super lucky with Rogers then. All my weird bs seems isolated to Spawn.

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