Chaos spawn rule of left

I have had a long struggle with chaos spawn and their attack patterns, with their grabs and swipes being the bane of my existence. While the general idea is dodging backwards to avoid them, I found it is easy to get backed into a wall or corner due to their aggressive flurries. If you are too close to them and have a low dodge range then it will also be impossible to dodge far enough back to avoid the grab.

It seems like dodging left and away from their tentacle arm can often save you from being grabbed or hit. Dodging left can also just be a good general practice with them as they are less likely to flurry and instead stay in place for your allies to attack, although they will need to actively keep behind him.

While that might work better for individuals consider the issue it can make for other meeles on the boss. If you dodge a boss sideways he will turn afterwards which can catch unprepared teammates offguard and have them get hit in the process. And backdodging a chaos spawn is always possible.
If you manage to actually dodge dance him a bid (can be tricky, lower dodge range weapons or weapons with a fast and easy movetech have an easier time here) he also stays in place.
Another thing is that at least with some block cost reduction the running attack combo of a spawn isnt a big threat. You can just block all of it pretty easy and thus loose much less space.

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Stun Combo’s seem to be the way to handle a Spawn the easiest. Try to save a Bomb for the stun and combo with your character stun. Lure the Spawn to an edge and the double push can shove them off! ( I would like to see fatshark troll the community by allowing boss’s the ability to climb back up from ledges, which wont ever happen, maybe in Darktide?)

  • With CS Aggro

If you have teammates around, let them attack just block while dodging. The most players get hit is the sudden turn around attack the Chaos Spawn will do when changing targets. To avoid that, dodge back when attacking from behind. When CS finishes the 3-step-stomp move thats usually when the spawn will switch aggro if it was delt more damage by a different character.

  • Continue to Dodge

If your having trouble with dodging, try to zig-zag your dodging, first one back, next one left or right. then repeat. The longer you last with its attention, the more time you give your team to clear a horde, if one is around, and deal damage.

  • Keep Blocking!

The game gives you an extra block when you run out of stamina shields.

Being alone to clear a Spawn can be difficult, Im sure there are videos of someone doing it with each class.

Lastly, Save your bomb if a teammate gets grabbed, or your character class ability. I see a lot of players just ult and throw bomb immediately when they see the spawn get into melee only for someone to get grabbed and munched on a few seconds later.

Hope this helps!

Try to:

  1. go Modded realm
  2. install creature spawner
  3. spawn a spawn (kek)
  4. train your dodge dancing and locking in place.
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When the effective dodge count and dodge distance vary so much, you have to be aware of what you are using.

A shield might reduce dodge distance, but at least you can easily tank some heavy non-grabs. With dual weapons or two-handed you lose dodge distance and count. Single-handed weapons tend to be best for avoiding monster attacks. Don’t underestimate dodge talents. Some weapons don’t allow the player to effectively dodge a monster without getting hit. For back dodges on low dodge weapons, keep your distance; for side dodges keep close and go opposite of the attack direction.