Keyboard and mouse Crash on XBox Series S

When using a keyboard to play the game after the Chaos Wastes update, the game immediately crashes to dashboard.

This also happens if you’re playing with controller and try to use the keyboard to type mid-game.

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This will be hotfixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Omg, I just re-installed the entire game thinking the files got fubar’d… I need my keyboard&mouse to kill rats on my 4k TV !!

I was able to play with mouse&keyboard yesterday with no issue, but now I cannot. Does this mean there was a hotfix, but now this latest patch has re-introduced the issue?

Plz fix asap!

If you even have MnK plugged in you can’t play the game. This is a basic issue with the series s you’d think devs would figure it out smh. Many other games have had the same exact issue.

Working nicely again! TY!

Same exact issue, so sad right after the update, just can’t go back to controller

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