Controller related crash, 100% rate

Controllers on the PC are broken at the moment. If you use the interact button at any point after loading up the game, it crashes the game - doesn’t matter if you’re in a map or in the keep. You currently have to use the keyboard for all interactions.

Reproduction steps:

  • load game
  • have a controller plugged in
  • hit the interact button
    (X on XBox style, or Square on a PS style controller)
  • game crashes

Reproduction rate: 100%


Can this be confirmed?

I play primarily using an xb1 elite controller on my PC.

Bottom line, if this is a problem right now, I can’t play.

My setup for gaming does not support using a keyboard and mouse, been playing with a controller since I started.

Confirmed on Reddit to be a known issue.


Thank you kindly sir!

Well eek. Thats a bad bug. Its a huge bug for me because that means if I downloaded this DLC I couldn’t even play it how I normally play the game!

I see a hotfix coming and soon, thats such a huge problem.

They really need to sort that out before I can play the game. I guess I won’t feel too bad waiting til Friday to buy it now lol

Fix coming tomorrow hopefully!

EDIT: Unfortunately due to unexpected circumstances we haven’t been able to resolve this issue today. The investigation continues and we apologise for the inconvenience.



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