Crash on login Xbox

I’m a Vermintide 2 player on Xbox, I’ve been loving the game but ever since this update dropped I can not log in without crashing. The obvious reason seems to be the mouse and keyboard, but the mouse and keyboard worked like a dream before the update. I can walk around with a controller but the moment I touch my mouse or keyboard the game just dies and immediately crashes. Hopefully, this can be fixed.

Sorry about this @SlimeyWalnuts - we’re working on it! :frowning:

good to hear! and thank you :smiley:

How much longer do you think it will be until there is a fix?

:cry: :sneezing_face:

I’m not sure at the moment unfortunately. I presume playing with a controller for now isn’t a viable option for you?

Update: Hotfix coming during the week!

Mouse and Keyboard isn’t the only thing causing a crash like this. I’m on Xbox One with no mouse and keyboard, and it hard crashes every time it starts the login process. Reinstalled the game, deleted save data, tried in both online and offline modes, and every time I hit Start Game and it displays the “Signing In” text the game crashes back to the xbox home.

Same here last night MnK was fine worked like a dream and now as soon as I switch to mnk on start up or after it crashes instantly, also seems to be crashing my public games when I host as well as it never does when I used controller plus my internet is more than capable of hosting. hope yous can fix it soon

While they are fixing this issue - they need to also fix the issue with the Chaos Wastes expedition points(on the map/table) not working with mouse&keyboard. It’s very annoying to have to switch to controller in order to select a node/shrine…

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