Xbox crashes and 'restart' problems

I am playing the up-to-date version of Vermintide 2 on the Xbox series X, and since a few days the game has crashed on me multiple times. This happened even after I had just done a cold start of the game, and during my first session after starting the game.

I also see problems when I jump back in the game (I always leave it at the main screen screen before I move onto a different game or put the xbox in sleep).
The game will take either very long to move past the logging in step, or to move past the getting privileges step.

What can I do to fix this?

Hi @AlgernonWasp,

We’re aiming to release a new console patch today. Can you please check if your stability improves after you’ve downloaded the new patch.

As for the longer logging in step, how long roughly would you say this is taking?

I haven’t had any crashes since the patch was installed.

If the log-in step takes longer, it can take somewhere between 10-20 seconds.

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That’s good news! :smiley:

Oo I see, I’ll pass this on internally and we’ll look out for this. Thank you!

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