Kernel power id 41

while playing this game i get the kernel power id 41 event (suddenly poweroff and start again) and i experienced this error with the game jump force too but this support couldnt help(they told me my hardware is broken but all tests showed it is not)
i tried like 6 load tests and combined them but they never caused the kernel power event
checked data ram and drives and found no saveerrors
i got a new bios inbetween but the error is still there

my system:
cpu: intel core i7 7800x ( 6 x 3,5 ghz)
motherboard: msi gaming pro carbon ac x299
gpu: nvidia geforce gtx 1080 ti 11gb
ram: 4 x 8 gb ddr4 2400
power supply: 850w hx850i 80plus platinum
ssd 250 gb and sshd 2 tb with 8 gb ssd cache

I believe I responded to your query via the Support Portal last week. I recommended that you contact Microsoft Support instead, as they would be better equipped to analyse the German Event Logs that were sent to us. Did you do this? :slight_smile:

i got no answer on my support request thats why i opened this thread
by playing your game(and jump force) i got this error and by nothing else
the kernel power event says that the system has been restarted without being shut down properly, that there are no bugcheck parameter so i dont know how microsoft should help here … they will also say that they have no clue like all other supports
it seems like you dont want to help me and just want to shift the problem to the next support like bandai namco did too

i will try to contact them but you disappointed me faster than the other supports :frowning:

We do want to help you! The problem is, we can’t do much with the Windows Event Viewer logs that were received, especially considering they weren’t in English. :frowning:

Vermintide 2 operates in protected memory and would never be able to directly crash your PC, but due to it’s demanding nature it can highlight an instability in a component - subsequently leading to your PC crashing - which I believe is the case here.

Especially considering you experience this not only in Vermintide 2 but in Jump Force too, a hardware problem is likely (but unfortunate) reality. In all honesty, your best bet would be to take your PC to a repair shop. From an online support perspective, it’s very hard to determine what could be the cause without having the PC physically in our hands. I hope you can understand.

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