Keep on crashing during game

I have no idea why i keep on crashing (see below for crash report). Crash is occuring on dx 11 and dx 12… Can anybody help me please?

GeFoce GTX 1060 6gb

GUID: f3c7ab17-f958-4d35-9d78-398ff8865768 Log File: Info Type: ----------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- [Crash Link]: crashify://f3c7ab17-f958-4d35-9d78-398ff8865768

Unfortunately, the crashes you’re experiencing - which are called Access Violations - can occur for a variety of reasons. They’re usually a result of something local, but to start with I’d recommend that you try lowering your ‘Worker Thread’ count within the launcher’s ‘Settings’ menu down to 6.

If unsuccessful, I’d recommend that you run through our solutions listed here . You can skip any you’ve already attempted of course.

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console-2019-08-09-08.45.28-6c949447-239d-4a2b-ae51-7f03fc3dd968.log (1.2 MB) console-2019-08-09-11.19.34-483a661f-af85-4866-ae4b-d4a69f6e19db.log (282.2 KB) console-2019-08-09-11.33.48-cdbd4c2d-53fe-4c67-8e27-8ccc00f73642.log (121 KB) console-2019-08-09-11.38.32-00c1d351-ba4a-4385-a66e-0a09173d0d14.log (150.0 KB)

Thank you for your quick reply. I will try that firstly

GUID: 0a1b94c9-d10e-4f57-b4d5-f7bcd6406032
Log File:
Info Type:

[Script Error]: scripts/network_lookup/network_lookup.lua:2178: [NetworkLookup.lua] Table game_modes does not contain key: 2

I get the same result except it occurs every time I finish a game, no mods activated, it happens 100% of the times since the patch 2.0.3

This is unrelated to the OP’s crash and has been addressed in which was released some minutes ago.

Thanks for the fast response.

Thanks Julia for the help, lowering the Worker Thread helped. I encountered no more crashes

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