Just echoing the majority here: what the hell happened to this game

Need to vent this somewhere. close to 2k hours.

1: Spongy enemys
2: beastmen. Just beastmen
3: All movement, timings, weapons, enemys, learnt since the game droped, means nothing now
4: weaves. SO even if i was to get quite far, the progress is reset due to “seasons”?

1: I get it, they added a stagger based dam (which from scouring the fourms i cant see anyone asking for it) People were asking for weapon/talant changes. thats different to combat mechanics being altered.
Remove the stagger dam mechanic, bring back in the old system (it worked perfectly) and just rebalance some of the weapons (looking at the axe and falchion) and some of the talants.
even an old bug, Krubers almost instant zoom has returned!
Think the majority just wanted new maps, and few changes, not a massive overhaul of the game (the steam rateings reflect this) and it seems its being ignored! i get it, patches have made it a bit better, but i crave the fun i used to have pre WOM.
2:Who thought it was a great idea to have ranged enemys that were not specials? they come in big numbers, stupid range, and slow all at the same time. well they ussally come with a totem carriar, so you have other issiues. then the beastmens mass, and movement is erratic, not really readable, and the damage they put out is not between chaos and the ratmen, its above and beyond. ruins the flow the game, as i miss seeing rats and chaos, seems its just occaisonal rats and a few chaos, but majority is beastys. Remove or tone down the spawn rate!
3: Self explanotroy, everything learnt from last year till now is nothing. Weapon timings, there abiltiys in combat, talants, enemy movements, damage threasholds, properitys of charms, everything is out of wack. Really not seeing the point in carrying on playing if everything is so damn spongy. the game is in the mid to end game of its life cycle, lets be real. This is where the core fans stay and want to play, but this WOM gameplay overhaul is alienating all but the top 5/10% (if not less). There was a much better soloution, bring in the new difficulty, which is what people wanted but leave combat alone and rebalance SOME of the weapons and SOME of the talants. some classes feel utterly useless.
4: weaves. Good concept, but those skins cant be brought into the main game? really?
Essence is hard to get for other classes , so you have to main with one, and “grind/farm” a set few weaves or just repeat skittergate 100 times.

The steam disscusion bored is full of people calling people likemyself “Noobs” or the occsoinal “git gud” comment, but no one is asking the real question, why was a sledgehammer used to the game when it just needed a few tweaks?

Do fatshark really think the game is better now?
its one (well used to be) my fav game. but these changes have made a fun frantic game, into a slow campy, grindy, and utterly boring mess, where unless the team is rocking a flamerthrower, hordes are just a matter of 1:bash, 2Hit, 1:bash, 2:hit, Repeat untill RSI claims ure fingers.

Simple soloution, bring back old combat (get rid of the stagger crap) and have two game modes. hell to appease the “git gud” crowd, call the mode Hardcore, or “super elite haxor xXx 360 noscope mode” and classic. you just need to look at the hype surrounding wow to see how that is working!!!

I’ll be keeping an eye on the patches that roll out, and on some of the topics of the fourm, hoping that fatshark devs realise that if they dogmaticlly stick to this path, they ultiamtly will ruin what was a fantastic paced fun game, into a game i think only the devs wanted, but the playerbase did not want.

cant speak for everyone, but i can certinally voice and echo those who just wnat to hack and slash in the warhammer univerese.

back to killing floor 2 i go.


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