Gameplay since new Winds of Magic

Hi Fatshark

Been playing WOM now for a few days and I have to say the idea is great but the game play is not so good. I will not go into the crashes the game has now as we all know about them and is making the game impossable to play for some people.

Items I would like looked into:

  1. Breastmen

a) They seem to have an increable reach to hit even with close combat sword it seems impossable for them to hit you then suddenly your on the floor, I have spoken to a few people and they have seen the same thing can you look into this to see if there an issue.
b)The beastmen spawn in anywhere while play the old maps I came concerned that the BM were just spawning in around be and back stabing with no warning even know I have cleared the area no holes in ground or caves in wall its crazy you have no time to defene yourself.

  1. ) Gernal gameplay

a) The attack warning sound has gone or only works at certain times this needs to be looked into having real issue with this.

I add more to this as I play but I am beging to dislike the fun game I had before but I hope you can sort this out.


Im concerned how Cata dificulty all about strong hiting mobs, so they will basicly 1 shot you or destroy 80% of your HP. One shot policy is bad for this game because its online game, online = lag, so basicly 1 lag hit can end your mission, and lag hit happen now and there, so imagine like runing throu entire map without being hited, then geting lag hit after 30 mins of map, that situation is really reason to sit and cry…
I bet that FS can make Catacylsm challanging by other way besides one shot policy. I was never fan of 1 shot in games.

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