Javs need rebalance

If they’re built off the same weapon and massively steroid’d in every respect for no other reason than being on elf yes. They’re also more restrictive. Kinda hard to take the skill arguments seriously when we arrive at ‘if the same balance was applied to an elf weapon it would be terrible’. Cheesy billhook level stagger from a range weapon that is unlimited should sort of be curtailed by being an overall limited range weapon. Those are the brakes.

If they removed the stagger completely whatever.

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Well now they work with Thousand Cuts they are at least worth considering on Slayer. I’d agree they’re alright now on Slayer, though it’s a pretty special case with them being his sole ranged option. Even then using them is locking you out of his only effective raw power boost.

Frankly any ranged weapon on RV feels like a better choice than throwing axes. They feel ok on Slayer due lack of other ranged options as well as his abundance of attack speed, since all of their animations get boosted by attack speed it pulls double duty as an effective fire rate + reload speed boost all rolled into one stat. Elf doesn’t really have an equivalent scenario to make them vaguely competitive hence why javelins with throwing axe stats would be completely undesirable on all Elf careers.

Just saying tuning down javelins is a tricky proposition and should be handled with care and done incrementally to avoid accidentally dumpstering them. I still don’t think they’re that wild, just Elf mains seem hard coded to want to use ranged on every possible enemy regardless of whether or not that is actually effective/helpful and javelins let them do so brainlessly. I’m unconvinced that means they’re having much of an impact on the actual success rate of runs where they’re present compared to other options.

Even if you ignore the inherent advantages of the weapon and look at the career bonuses. Elf still has comparable steroids on Waystalker and Handmaiden.

Thats the thing.

For moonbow to work well you need to headshot, but longbow is better if you headshot, so the actual job of moonbow is being a longbow for people who bodyshot or miss a lot even if it means a worse uptime.’

…Well, worse compared to someone who has decent aim that is, no ammo is no uptime after all.