It's time to face the truth, fatshark

The music in this game is merely ok. It’s not special or amazing, it’s not complete shoot either. It just uses the right instruments to make it fit into the universe, but beyond that it’s just there in the background.


I think it’s pretty good. It’s distinctive and not only fits the setting, but the cirtcumstances it’s used in. That’s a LOT more than you can say for most videogame music.

It’s not music I’m going to put into my daily playlist, but again, videogame music that can reach that level is exceedingly rare.

I swear though, there was another song which really was awesome that I haven’t heard since the last beta.

This hasn’t really been my experience but I’m sure there is always worse out there. Dark souls music has always sounded incredibly generic and uninspired to me. Then there are atrocities like Need for Speed Unbound

Hard disagree. Soundtrack is bangin and fuels whatever mayhem I’m currently in. Lots of problems with this game, core gameplay and music/sound definitely not one of them.


The tracks with synth waves bugs me. I was expecting more organs, more oomph, more 40k. The only one that really hit the mark for me was the assassination boss music.

A few of the tracks were solid, but not enough to keep me from setting music to 0 and listening to something else.


I strongly disagree, the music is 50% of the power for this game, it solidifies the unique 40k feel and makes the game not a cyberpunk setting but a gothicpunk, it differs it from any other futuristic game.

But i do agree that the system that plays the same music always is sort of outdated, meaning mr jesper kyd could have composed several motifs and a few constant backgrounds where these motiffs would play depending on what is happening on screen, some games started doing this from 2007 just so you know and it is brilliant, yeah its hard to implement and requires some extreme galaxy brain to make composer and engine to work together seamlessly.

The synth parts are going to sound very outdated in a few years, that’s for sure.


Maybe it doesn’t work the same way but I remember need for speed iii had a system that split up the music based on what part of the track you were on.

Synth is pretty dead-on for underhive themes, but the game doesn’t make very good use of them.

When I play a game where I’m killing hundreds of enemies a minute, where the entire screen is meant to be covered in blood and flying limbs, I’m expecting energy and intensity. I’m expecting something as desperate as Necromunda: Hired Gun. I’m expecting something as powerful as Shootas, Blood, & Teef. I’m expecting something that can be heard clearly through combat and voice chat.

What we’ve got instead is mostly inaudible, and not terribly memorable.

And then there’s Nine-Toes’ church choir on the start screen. I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe when I get stuck listening to that.


I have plenty of criticism about the game, but the soundtrack is fantastic. I sometimes listen to it on Spotify, which is rare for a game soundtrack. What’s the point of your post? To say that you’re cooler than the rest because you’d rather have the new Taylor Swift album play in the background?



Opinion is not constructive criticism - someone might not appreciate good music or entire genre, but it doesn’t change the fact it’s almost universally praised - which is fact, not opinion.

Might surprise you how many people who even don’t play this game listened,listens and/or will listen to the soundtrack again.

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your entire post just seems to be “lots of other people have opinions that disagree with yours and some others in this thread”.

someone might not appreciate bad music that is almost universally praised either.

Oh,sorry,I forgot to mention “universally praised by people who actually have enough knowledge to say something in the matter, and in a field where there is something to say”.

Also, my entire post is “opinion is not constructive criticism” - the rest were just simple examples to let you process the reasoning I am presenting. But ykw? Whatever champ, I’m bored of this.

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Are you a psychologist or english specialist? Do you have the credentials to tell others what others credentials mean?

No one brought this up before you came in.


Hard disagree, probably my favourite soundtrack in a game for a while and I have a bunch of it in my gym playlist

Someone pointed it out to me that this “Genius” guy is a forum troll, and after doing some digging, I have to agree. If you make good points, he will skip your reply or begin sarcasm/meme’ing. Many of their posts are bait or the ramblings of a bored midnight toker :smile:

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The music is just right… far better than what you put as examples here.

Music is very good. Sound design is great.

If there is something that the game absolutely nails it is the sound. Almost every single weapon sounds beefy and powerful just like 40K weapons should. Weapons clang, enemies scream.

The music is good too.

I firmly believe that the only thing still keeping players playing regardless of the whole (very legit)
“the whole end-game is missing” issue is the audio/visual part of combat which is good enough to keep you around instead of uninstalling and moving on to other games.