Music in Darktide

What kind of music do you think we’ll hear in Darktide gameplay? The gameplay trailer music sounds nice, but isn’t something I’d want to hear in moment-to-moment gameplay. I’d love to read more opinions on what the music of the game could/should be like.

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I would je fine with it, during start of mission / where everything is good and the squad is happy and confident, like when there is plenty of light, nice architecture and not too many ennemies. And then when it get worst, the atmosphere deteriorate quickly and the music / residue of music get super spooky, going down with the squad mental state. Would be fun.

Make me think that it would be fun if the traitor guardmans could literally switch off the light if they think it’s an advantage for them and their zombies, they are human why would they not be able to?? And then we could turn it on again at a switch. Would heavily affect the music.

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Warhammer 40k Mechanicus has my favorite take on warhammer music, Noosphere and Children of the Omnissiah in particular are amazing.