A bit of positivity after release

The forum is blowing up right now and rightly so with that abhorrent piece of heretek premium shop and decissions around it, as well as other issues, but we all know that this is pressure from the greedy Forgemasters who fell to chaos. (Slaanesh is thirsting for their souls)

I would like this thread to be a feedback for the good things.

To the tech-akolytes working the cogitators of this game, thank you.

I can feel your love for this game in every map, in every disgustingly great enemy design, in the music and the core gameplay.


The art design, cohesiveness and overall graphical fidelity of the game is excellent.


When I’m not getting stunlocked by gunfire, dying to a nudge from the lowliest Poxwalker from toughness bleedthrough or getting invisible whacks from mismatched Rager animations…

The Zealot “in the fray” playstyle is absolutely satisfying. Coming from Vermintide where you can be a 1-person invincible meat grinder, this is as close as it gets. Fatshark have always known how to make melee feel good.

Jesper Kyd created the music and he is an independent composer. It carries the game.

Also i was impressed with the art direction but it seems this love is exaggerated and overhyped to get us to buy a lazy unfinished product

Agreed, music is great, art direction is amazing, some of the maps look super cool. There is a lot of attention to detail on just little things you might not even notice right away. Also agree with melee feeling good, so shoutout there.

Whoever made the new weapons detail screen did a great job as well.

Last but not least, shoutout to the community managers that have to sift through all these post; hate, salt and genuine feedback and stay professional while doing so.

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I tried to abstain posting here because it would have resulted in similar post :slight_smile:

I find the overall sound design extremely good.
I mean the sound effects are very well crafted, fit the theme, have some original touches.
I love how you start hearing progressively more intelligible voices as you reach max warp heat (psyker) - progressively connecting and trapped within the warp. How the sounds are muffled in certain conditions.
How the lasgun sounds.
How meaty the melee hits are.
The ambiant sounds for the levels…
Pretty much everything about sound design is top-notch and up to the cinema industry standards (imho).
And the boltgun! Best depiction of how nasty and brutal it must be.

Art direction in general too - both character models (and faces! I’m so glad it’s not a waifu generator but roughed up faces, with great diversity, and with character), environments and textures.
FS artists have fantastic skills.
Even the animations.
I love the disillusion, flippancy that transpires from how our rejects sit and wait in the valkyries.

And the music… Just perfect. Jesper Kyd deserves another BAFTA for his work.

I agree with all mentioned above.
I’ll add weapons to that list. I know ppl have their gripes with perticular creations of murder, but this is as close as it gets to WH40K fantasy in terms of wielding bolters, lasguns, chainswords etc. Plus improvement on weapon detials/information such a step up from Vermintide. Awesome !!!

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I absolutely love this thread!! I agree with all posted so far also.

I really love the music, it’s one of my favorite things about the game so far. I love the art and all the details that have been amazing to check out as I move through all the levels. I love being able to use a good combat axe and just lop the heads off of enemies in melee, it’s the best! The dialogue between characters is awesome and makes me want to create more characters with different backgrounds so I can see how they interact with each other.

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The immersion in this game is fantastic.

The feeling I get when I am sweeping a horde with my two handed eviscerator sword is unmatched by any melee combat game I’ve ever played.

Fat Shark nailed the 40k theme! The look and feel is wonderful! I’ve got friends showing a bigger interest in 40k just because this game does such a wonderful job of showcasing it.