It would be the good to make Axe, Falchion and Crossbow be shared with Kruber?

It would be the good to make Axe, Falchion and Crossbow be shared with Kruber?

  • Let all 3 of them be shared (Axe, Falchion and Crossbow)
  • Let only Axe and Falchion be shared
  • Let only Axe and Crossbow be shared
  • Let only Falchion and Crossbow be shared
  • Let only Axe be shared
  • Let only Falchion be shared
  • Let only Crossbow be shared
  • No, let the things stay same as now

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I’d love a crossbow for Huntsman.


I think that if Kruber should get an Axe, it would be better to have a heavier axe:
image image

Falchion would be a simple 1h Sword/1h short-sword I don’t think he really need it (at least not with the same pattern) Alternative sword that could be entered (For Kruber or Satlz) would be

the Scimitar (Also Kerri)
Scimitar and Tulwar (Would fit Saltz and be somewhat like Kerri Sword and Dagger)
Cavalry sword (Walloon Sword)

Other sword who could fit in the game but only for one character:

  • Kopesh (Kruber)
  • Rapier, Rapier and Main Gauche (Sienna)

Crossbow could be put on Kruber but there are already quite a few similar crossbow in the game, in place Kruber could have:

Cavalry Pistol (heavier pistol, not in a brace but maybe in pair)

Heavy Cross Bow (Foot hold or Hand Crank)


Aren’t the shared weapons we already have enough of a balancing headache?

New weapons for Kruber in a similar theme to those weapons? Maybe if they can fill a somewhat unique niche. Having more weapons shared among classes? No thanks.


I’d be ok with the crossbow being shared I guess? Kruber is pretty short on ranged weapons but idk I think I’d prefer if he got something a lil more unique


Sometimes, I want just ignore the balance since it’s PVE game, not the PVP. And focus on concept or something like that more.

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At most I would see crossbow as something that could be shared but generally I would love to see just new additions.

Kruber could get a second Bow, the Bretonnian do have a quite good Bow Men, maybe Hunter and Mercenary could get access to it

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And, above all - it’s all Warhammer. I will be happy to have as much of EVERYTHING as possible in this great game that matches to Warhammer.

The axe / falchion / crossbow are taken from the Freeguild / Imperial Troops models anyway, so should be available for Kruber.

From myself, I would also like:

  1. Great axe, two-handed - Bretonnian or from Kislevite kossars.
  2. Hohland Long Rifle! Hell, yes!
  3. Grenade Launcher Blunderbuss !!!
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