Axe for Kruber would be very nice

Hey hey! the names is TB and i which to change your mind on why Kruber should get 1/2 handed Axe
English is not my native so there will be great spelling error and ect. I am very sorry for that.

I like Kruber very most. As i main him and Bardin. But i feel that he need something in his weapon rack. Now the new Weapon he have being giving and they were very welcoming.!

But I feel Kruber could really do with an Axe. For the looks and the stats it gives. First he would look very bad ass with it and before you ask YES there are Empire whom uses axes. Dogs of War or Milita ect ect. The Stats would give him an egde in a in all around dealing most more of his own. CC&Armored&Monster Which i think would be great. ((Now The new weapons say they are shield breaking but so far i have not seen it ‘‘breaking’’ them, like the 1/2 handed axe does it.)) Now with that said i think he should have it as to not have 1 ‘‘meta’’ or what you would call it but as he can pick. Like Krillian has Spear and Glaive.
So for Kruber he could picks the sword&mace for speed and the Axe for damage.

Now i know my hope is 0 to non of hope of getting that but i hope other feel the same. <-- 1 handed <-- 2 handed

These pic was taking in Modding realm and would you not agree it fits him? :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time and i hope to see an axe in Krubers hand soon

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He has an axe though. It’s called a halberd, or the traditional Latin name of “axe on a long stick”.

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Yup, and its awesome. Thought it might be bad post nerf and it turned put to be pretty damn good.

Agree to disagree friend ^^ hehe. but it after neft is does no damage. Plus it had no AP which normal axe has or the ‘‘high damage’’

It was Awnsome but it does have the ‘‘Axe’’ stats in which im whising it has ^^

Well the push attack combo is still very powerfull vs anything armored, including CWs, it has a wide sweep attack, and the light spam has a lot off AP mixed in if yoh don’t feel like paying attention. It’s not a typical axe, but man it works.

This is a joke right? The halberd is still a very good weapon and one of the few where you can be an anchor and just about hold your ground no matter what is coming at you. It’s a good job it can do this though as its mobility sucks ass.

I would disagree with you there friend, I feel i can do more damage and more sweep with the two handed axe. But it is truth the block spam is powerfull in it own right

If this was a joke it would need a punchline, in which it does not. But no is not an anchor weapon and you would not be able to do that most damage as an axe can. But i will give right that it does a good job in overall things

I regularly do the most damage with halberd on Merc, with a premade of very good players. But whatever.

This is ofcourse using the block cancelling for light attack 1 as well.

Try Bardin’s 2h axe and then tell me halberd has bad mobility and slow attack speed :stuck_out_tongue:

I use Bardin Two handed axe :slight_smile: more than anything and i feel i do more damage and gets more kills by using the axe than the halberd. BUT it is true that the halberd have bit more mobility and speed than the axe.

I do to better in a premade but this is not the case. This is to stand on your own. for exsample if you alone and has to solo the last few CW of a horde. I struggle with Kruber with the halberd but not on Bardin with the axe. NOW i know the classes has their strengh ect ect. But for the damge output Halberd can’t follow in my mind.

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