It would be nice to have more voice lines regarding friendly fire

Currently, if you friendly fire somebody, the person you shot will complain that you shot them. But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a chance (it can be random, or it can be more complex and use some calculations, but as long as it’s there), for the character that shot to complain about people going in front of them?
For example: currently, if Sienna shoots Kerillian, once of Kerillian’s voice lines is “Sienna, why is my skin scorched?”
So what if instead of Kerillian complaining about Sienna, there would be a chance of Sienna complaining about Kerillian instead and say something like “Kerillian! You are walking into my flames!”

P.S. It would also be nice to have voice lines for the new quick chat messages (but with a cooldown of course so they don’t get spammed)


Would be fun too

I think this trigger could work as well:
If you have your ranged weapon equipped and aim (alt-fire) for 0.3s for example and somebody walks in front of you and stays there for 0.5s for example.


Also amusing could be if these took the form of responses to the “target”. I can pretty easily imagine Kerillian responding to someone’s complaints with “well, you shouldn’t walk in front of my arrows…” or something similar. It might also feel a bit more natural that way, but that really depends on the lines and acting.

I also think that having the shooter alone randomly comment on things could introduce some confusion, at least for new players, on who actually shot who. The response approach could also mitigate this.


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