Friendly Fire Voice Line Spam

Hitting an ally with even a fraction of a point of damage will cause their characters to yell out to stop shooting them, despite doing practically no damage and being of no hinderance. When using weapons like fireball, hagbane or drakegun, and especially when playing with bots (who love to get in your face), this results in 24/7 spam of friendly fire voice lines that drown out any other conversation, dialogue or chatter. Makes me hate voice lines in this game in general.

Adding a requirement of dealing 10 damage per shot, or 10 damage in short time window minimum to trigger the friendly fire voice lines would be great.


Then the effect will be lost in Champion and new players will maybe not understand that starting with Champion Friendly Fire even exists. And bad habits are getting prolonged even further.

We could discuss about a cooldown or a counter maybe? Although it may not solve your issue of other dialogues being interrupted unless it is a real long cooldown. Counter could work, like every third hit maybe?

We could also argue about a checkbox for deactivating friendly fire dialogues. However, I am pretty sure which kind of player would check that in µs.

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If you can’t even do 10 friendly fire damage in like 10 seconds on Champion, then yes, friendly fire functionally doesn’t exist on Champion, so it doesn’t matter the voice lines don’t fire. When players eventually move up to higher difficulties, they’ll start hearing them, and adjust accordingly.

Either way, I really don’t want it to stay the way it is right now. Doing solo runs with bots just results in 24/7 spam of friendly fire voice lines, and it’s incredibly annoying. So much so, that I consider it to be an unintended oversight.

Besides, it’s not like people in Legend or Cataclysm care that much about friendly fire, people shoot through each other all the time with no thought given and no care in the world. Considering how infamous javelin elf is for that, the voice lines are really not doing much to dissuade friendly fire.

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Maybe it could have different thresholds depending on the difficulty.

I think it’s fine as is. Bots getting in your way is one use case where it could be reduced. But I think in QP it’s just additional incentive to stop ff’ing your team/ learn to aim

Can you imagine if there was player character bodyblocking or melee friendly fire? And we’re talking about voice line spam if you like to use DoT weapons like the Moonfire?

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