Friendly Fire Voiceline Bloat

Can we please reduce the amount of friendly fire voicelines we hear throughout matches? Let me just say that I don’t care in the slightest if Engineer hits me with his pellet gun and deals 0.1 damage to me, if Sienna clips me with conflagration staff for a tickle, if I get shot once with swiftbow or slightly burnt by drakegun, and I’m personally quite sick of my character complaining about nothing.

Just add a damage threshold for when friendly fire voicelines can happen. Anything that deals less than 10 damage just shouldn’t trigger it. Maybe make it so if you deal x amount of damage in x amount of time it’ll trigger.

It’s just such audio bloat, and really devalues the banter in my opinion, when every second word out of our characters is complaining about less than 1 damage dealt.

No, this won’t get rid of friendly fire voicelines, we all know javelins, throwing axes, handguns and the like will still hit you and trigger them, or Bounty Hunter shoots you twice in the back of the head and rules it as a suicide, Clinton style.


I could do without them altogether honestly.

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Maybe necessary at Champ when people move up and need to get used to it, but I agree yelling about getting hit with a tickle of flame is annoying.

A treshold could be added as a requirement for these lines.

Been saying the same things about so many of the spammed voice lines in this game for so long. And so has everyone else.

I can go on modded and play dozens and dozens and dozens of lines that I’ve rarely, if ever, heard in over 1.5k hours. But on official it’s all just hOgGArs bRidGe, gO 4 tHe HeAD, Y aM i On FiRe, and now lEt ThE wEavE bE AvENgEd. Its all so tiresome and a waste of so much time and effort by all of the people involved: from the sound engineers, to the directors, to the writers, to the voice actors themselves.


How about the quotes also only play when your FF takes away green health and/or hits Grey screen players?

For one, it would be more meaningful to know when your ranged hits are endangering a player especially when you can kill them with a folly hit.

I dont really care if a stray swift bow arrow hits me while im generating rnormous amounts of THP by punching the frontline.


I genuinely couldn’t. How am I supposed to moderate my friendly fire if Kruber doesn’t remind me that I’m scorching his undeserving arse?


Brave man. The last guy that said something like that tied himself to train tracks.


They could add some simpler, faster voicelines that don’t reference a specific player for hits that only deal a little damage. Like “OW THAT HURTS” and the like.

The main annoyance with the current voicelines is the sheer length and uncapped frequency. This would solve at least one of those problems.

I can’t see a flaw with the idea of a damage threshold basis for voice line activation. As it stands, it just seems kind of silly that I get the same response from dealing an invisible level of damage that a moonfire-happy elf would get from chunking a third of someone’s health.

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If we toned down the voicelines, how am I (an elf main) supoosed to know im doing a good job?

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