It feels like in V1 the specials distracted you from hordes, but in V2 the hordes are there to distract you from specials

And it messes up something fundamental about the game I think for a lot of players. Especially on legendary the special spam is nearly nonstop, often four at a time. I hit a hook rat, turn to blast a leech before it succ me, dodge out of gas, reload blast gas rat, assassin jumps me, teammate saves me, second assassin gets me too, Blight stormer spawns in the next map and somehow casts storm through the aether, horde spawns, “crap it is going to be so much harder killing these specials with this horde in the way”.

That’s legendary up until the silent chaos warrior patrol spawns on top of you while you’re fighting a bile troll in a hallway.

In Vermintide 1 even on cataclysm it felt like the hordes were the real threat and losing a player or two to a special would make it a lot harder to survive the waves. In Vermintide 2 legend a flamethrower/beamstaff duo can survive the hordes pretty easy if they just manage to fight off the dozen specials which are the real threat.
I think something about this formula really needs to change, cuz as it stands with current low drop rates even if legendary didn’t randomly delete you by dropping the entire bestiary on you at once I don’t think there’s enough incentive to keep playing. Reds are just skins that save you reroll time, nothing really unique about them. The maps and director are just too buggy to spend 50 hours grinding a stress box each red.

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