Is THIS it ? is THIS the game?

Hello ladies and gentlemen, first of all let me say this is not an angry rant, i just want to state my dissapointment.

My gameplay loop this past week or so has been logging in once every hour, checking shop on all my characters, and then logging off, dissapointed, i have cleared all tier4 missions with no gear to show for it, and instead of being happy with getting better with the game, i am getting increasingly more frustrated every time sniper shoots me through the wall or wipes our team through the floor, bomber throwing nades through keyholes, flamers destroying me from behind textures or dog spazzing out randomly and then jumping you from 2 floors under. Not to mention weapons not switching on a whim or staffs just refusing to fire.

I was really looking forward to todays update, hoping Fatshark would adress at least some of the trening topics, like psyker scaling into higher difficulties, mobs randomly spawning from thin air, loot RNG or that they would actually fix the progress of weekly quests, but no…we get more dogs…more…dogs. More twitching buggy dogs. And copypasted statement of being more open with the community…how many times have we seen that from other companies ? Who actually believes this to be anything but empty words ?

I really regret buying the game in early access and not waiting for the time when it actually is worth anyones time, I have started playing Vermintide few months ago and it is totally different experience, even with the occasional bug, it is still way more enjoyable than DT is right now, and based on the last few community updates is going to be for the next few months. I have lost all hope =s

At least the cash shop works…and emotes will be here soon…hope they ll add one so that I can show my dissapointment…for 2400 aquillas ofc.


Have you tried playing the game? You seemed to only play the min/maxing crafting mini-game available in the hub. There’s also a real game beyond that. You can access it at the big hologram table in the Mourningstar. You should try it, Darktide (the actual game, not the crafting min/maxing stuff) is pretty fun! Lot of stupid issues that tick me off, but otherwise fun!


Of course i have tried playing the game, over 200 completed missions, it sure is fun ! when it works…when it works it is almost perfect, sadly there are so many “stupid issues that tick me off” lately that it is just ruining the whole experience. And the fix ? Turn off the lights so you dont see how crappy everything is…and add more dogs…more…dogs…


Yeah, I’m waiting for the More Snipers modifier myself, personally!


I’m hoping for a More Mutants modifier myself! I want the game to spawn ten at a time every minute or so!

You might be right, even tho this is my first post ever on any gaming forum, I tend to get way too invested in things i enjoy. I didnt expect the game to be perfect at launch, but enough time has passed for us to get …well…more than what we got today. I really do hope the game will get better as you say, but for now it just frustrates me that i spent money on it now, and not in the future when it might be good.


That sounds mad fun if you’re a mobility zealot!

I don’t understand posts like this. Why are you “logging in just to check a shop” for what is a marginal upgrade to a game you just admitted you don’t want to play?

Maybe people aren’t checking the actual ranges for these stat bars but the stat bar (ie the 80%) is how far on a range of values you can roll. Some of these are quite minor and nearly any weapon will work through at least malice.

I look after every round too but I don’t always see something. Just like in Vermintide, I could open an Emperors Vault and get sub-300 power level items. I had around 300ish hours in Vermintide and still only had a handful of reds and only two of them were ones I “wanted”.

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Because a lot of these people have nothing better to do with their time and min-maxing gear in a new game is the current pinnacle of what they can achieve in life.

They can tell me I’m wrong, but what other reason is there for them to be obsessively logging in on the hour every hour and then coming here with frothing rabies attacking everyone that hasn’t delivered to their type-A expectations.


In vermintide you got crafting mats from dismantling stuff you didnt need so even that pushes you a bit closer to the item you want, here you get nothing for your efforts.


Yeah, i was expecting the nolife argument come from you sooner or later. Has it become mainstream to roll over and accept unfinished games with empty promises ? while all the “important” moneymaking system are working as intended ? There seem to be quite a lot of people on this forum who dont want to accept this just yet…and for every post these people make, there you are, saying how great the game is…instead of actually playing it and having fun…guess you just want to kill the time between shop refreshes like the rest of us rejects.


I will say I like the idea of having a “gold sink” that lets you manually refresh your shop early to “roll the dice” more since higher difficulties give a lot more currency.

I mean I always look at the shop or wait a minute or two when it’s about to refresh but I can’t say I ever start up the game just to look or that I cycle through all 4 of my characters to check each shop. I just make it part of my “routine” when I want to login and play some rounds. The in-mission gameplay keeps me coming back.


Lukano, I have 3 level 30s. I play the game plenty. I don’t just sit there after hitting 30 and go “what now, oh my god, I feel attacked, this is outrageous”. I spent $40 only on the game. That’s it. No cosmetics, no big boy outfits, no frills.

It must boggle your mind that people can have different opinions of the state of games and enjoy them for what they are, even with shortcomings.

Here’s the other thing: I didn’t read any of the updates prior to purchasing. I played the beta. I liked what I experienced. I didn’t read a CM post and latch on to “OH MY GOD, THEY’RE DELIVERING 70+ WEAPONS” and make that my reason for purchasing. I purchased it to enjoy it. And I have.

Maybe don’t form such heavy opinions prior to buying something and you won’t have to face your own invented disappointment. The game has been fun in spite of minor glitches. Sorry you don’t feel that way, my dude.


You seem to be replying to a someone elses post here mate, i have never said a word about prelaunch promises, about weapons or anything like this, i was strictly speaking about the state the game is now, and the promises that were made just now, not few months ago. When i saw the game i bought it, deluxe edition at that, because it looked amazing, and what reason did i have to doubt that it would play any differently after all the great times i had in VT.

Where have I ever questioned someone elses opinion ? Maybe you are projecting a little ? Because that is what you have been doing all this time, sometimes quite rudely at that, i only said what bothers me, and you felt the need to stop leveling your 4th toon, come to the forums and make sure I know how wrong the arguements and opinions I have NEVER made are.


So you went in with ignorance and now say that there is no reason to complain because of it?
You are basically telling us that it is wrong to make an informed decision and then be mad when it turns out we were lied to? That disappointment is not invented. It is based on promises that were made but not kept.

The way that some people show their disappointment might be questionable, but it is not unreasonable to be disappointed.


Not unreasonable to feel disappointed, but I think a lot of people definitely inflate their own disappointment or feign outrage over things that the devs are actively working on. It’s 2022. We should know by now to rarely expect perfection from games at launch.

Fans here can internalize their feelings, read updates, and NOT feel the urge to make a post roasting the entire studio or personally attacking CMs here in retaliation for how they personally received the game.

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I am blown away by the irony. You call people out for insulting devs and personally attacking CMs, yet you jump from post to post, doing exactly the same to the people who just want to share their opinion or dissapointment on the platform that is created for that exact purpose, calling them rage goblins, no lifers, and mocking them for thinking 40 dollars is not an ammount of money they can just ignore.

Why does it bother you so much that there are people, and a majority of people at that, that just arent happy with the state the game is in right now ? Why does it take away from your own enjoyment of the game ? Why is it so much to want a finished product ? Why is it so bad that i want devs to focus on actual gameplay rather than milking people for more money ?

Maybe you should take your own advice, go outside, touch grass, maybe you wont feel so offended to the point you start personally attacking everyone who doesnt enjoy the same things you do, life will seem much better. Or you can just stay doped up on copium untill the sniper kills you through the wall one too many times, I will then welcome you to the dark side.


Never said it took away from my enjoyment. Some people here just live in angst and post the same repetitive “I’m betrayed/is this the game/pay attention to my demands” stuff over and over.

The devs know the gripes. You don’t need to rehash it for the fourth time. Use the search function. Add on to existing threads. Be constructive–which you have been, Lukano–but there are others here that like to just dip into threads and troll them by going wildly off-topic, attacking the CMs, or making the most melodramatic post about how they feel personally violated.

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But can you honestly blame them ? For some it might be the last straw, how many times have we seen the same language that is being used here new ? From Blizzard, from Bethesda, from EA and everyone else.

Or do you honestly think the Aquilas prinicg was a honest mistake ? It is the same prining model other Tencent games have, but this one was an honest mistake ?

Or is it player friendly to put a cash shop right next to the place where you spend the most non mission time in game ? Wouldnt it be logical to have a crafting station there so people can modify their new weapon ? Or do the devs really think the first thing everyone does after getting new weapon is taking out their credit card and getting a new skin and they just wanted to make it more convenient for everyone else.

I love the missions, hate it when we fail it because of buggy mobs, but hey, overall its pretty great. Its these predatory things they are not even trying to hide that make people like me post on forums. To tell the devs that this is not OK, that we have noticed what they are trying to force us to do, and that it wont fly.

How about this, turn off the cash shop, dont try to make more money of us, who already paid the most this game is ever going to cost for the worst version it is ever going to be, and put it back when you get rid of some major issues, show us some good will. I primose when the game gets better, i ll never visit the forums again, i ll be too busy purging the heretics.

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Unfortunately, I think a lot of the cash mechanics are outside of the control of Fatshark. Fatshark is developing IP on loan from Games Workshop, who are notoriously greedy/stingy with pricing. The entire miniatures world is driven by people’s desire to customize armies, so of course there will be cosmetics in this game.

It’s very likely that Games Workshop stipulated that in order for Fatshark to have the rights to develop a 40K game, they required microtransactions be included and that Games Workshop made X% of every in-app purchase, very similar to Apple scraping 30% from IAPs on iPhone.

We unfortunately live in a digital world that has normalized this practice because it’s been made wildly successful through mobile devices.