So that's it?

EDIT: I have moved things that are now corrected in an other category so new comer aren’t confused.
The game finally launch and we were all excited to play it, then two third of the group didn’t last more than three hours on it… (we all have a caracter that went to level 30 during the beta)

The plus:

  • The new sector en new map are absolutely beautiful.
  • premium cosmetic are rather nice.

The bad:

  • no meanigful balance rework despit all the consensus provided during the beta. this isn’t like overwtach where every one has his own opinion and differe from the other. here beside a few exception 90% of the post were in agreement about what to change, and most of it wasn’t that complexe to implement.
  • no meaningfull rework on the contract missions that are pretty much a “choose one caracter to play exclusively this week” for anyone with other activities/work.
  • still missing weapons shown in the ogryn and psyker trailer.
  • absolutely lackluster story. Like why should we care about the traitor arc through the cinematic only to have no impact on it whatsoever? why are NPC in missions not aknowleging or new status in the end? why is there no narrative boss and only the random captain for assassination mission?
  • crafting not down for launch
  • free cosmetics are worst then in Vtide.
  • pennence are still stupid to accomplish

I don’t feel the use of the beta in this, and it doesn’t even feel like a rought launch as many of those problem would takes months to adress correctly.

the done since launch:

  • Game stability feel worse than ever, every game had a disconnect and I could feel fps drop far more often.
  • You can’t join back after a crash anymore?? so if someone is out because of the server then he has to forgo the mission…
  • the only relevant balance patch (chip damage through 100% toughness) is broken on half the class…

I hope we can one day find out what happen to fat shark, is tencent pushing you over? did you get too confident with the success of Vtide and though you could go the way of the bad AAA company with half backed games and costly micro transactions? did you encounter trouble mid developpement that pushed you to redo most of the work?

I don’t know how long my group will stay on darktide unless stability drasticly improve and reconnect/private server become a thing again. But even our love for Vtide is getting tainted by how unfinished this game feel right now.


The only part I don’t agree with are the penances. I think it’s cool to have challenges that award exclusive cosmetics. They feel more earned that way. I’m pretty much on the same page as you though. I feel like I did it all in the beta, and feels like there are a total of 6 levels. VT2 had way more in the base game.


Agreed. But none of it was a surprise. I was pretty sure that most problems would not be solved at launch, if any. Almost everything that was a problem in the beta is still a problem now. So, the truth is, the game feels very rushed, with the release window pushed before xmas to make an extra buck, hoping that people would stick around long enough for them to fix the game’s many issues later on. (which I imagine will still take at the very least 3 to 6 months, IF they actually listen to the feedback)
And of course the premium shop was ready to go at launch!

If by the end of this month they don’t fix the main issues with the game (not gonna make the full long list here, you know what they are), I believe a big chunk of the player base will just stop playing it. Like Back4Blood, the game will be dead in no time. I really hope DT won’t have the same fate, but its out of our hands now, its completely up to FS.


I like pennance that unlock skins, I’m against those that require you to put the whole team in danger to accomplish.

for example “deal the last hit to a monstruosity with brain burst” would be infinitly better than “solo a monster with it”


Penances in principle are fine, and a form of them existed in VT2 and nobody had a problem with it. The issue is what you actually have to do to accomplish those penances, which force you to fight in ridiculous, extremely uncooperative and generally very gamey ways. Some of them are borderline impossible.


I totally agree with everything you said.

There are multiple reasons why in Vermintide 2 people didn’t mind the Cosmetic Shop this much

  1. it came way later and partly with new contend, the game didn’t launch with a cosmetic shop, instead we had 5 Characters with 3 Subclasses
  2. as you pointed out, the free cosmetics in Vermintide were just way better
  3. new shop uses FOMO, wtf Fatshark seriously

Also my personal opinion but, i rather pay for new subclasses then some pure cosmetic in fact i didn’t buy any additional cosmetic from the in game shop of vermintide with 1400h played but bought every class, sure you can sell additional skins, but then the base game has to be solid first, those should only be additional.

Right now I am just disappointed.


that was the worst part imo.


The story is supposedly going to be expanded over time with new maps and whatever. Part of the whole “live service” thing.


Yeah I thought we’d at least kill the Captain from the starting cinematic in a final Assassination mission. They’re trying to create a linear narrative but not have a linear sequence for maps to be completed in like Vermintide for the narrative to make sense.

Makes me wonder what exactly Dan Abnett was paid to do? I honestly think it was just a token gesture to raise legitimacy.


Am i the only one with the game working smooth and not crashing?

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Ding ding ding


There’s no monopoly money in the V2 cash-shop either. It shows you how much in euro a skin cost and that’s so much better.


Not the only one as I sawn other say the same. I think it’s partly due to the RTX bug and how well your computer can deal with them.

I also think tht if the possibility to join back was still available, this disconnection trouble would have been far less damageable. I don’t mind going out and back again but I hate not being able to play with some friend because I was outed after five minute and they still have 20-30min to go.

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Fatshark has done this on EVERY single beta, and by EVERY single one I really mean EVERY single one, for every game they have released.

VT2 was particularly bad at this, TONS upon TONS of feedback during betas, everything got ignored systematically.


also all cutscenes basically told the same with a different character “you are not good enough, you have to prove yourself”. yeah I got that first time thanks. oh and btw there’s a traitor among us, oh and she was the traitor bang. why should I care? this was the reason they needed to hire an official wh40k writer?


right? if the traitor had been zola or something meaningful or if you could talk with the npc in the hub that would be a thing.


Only good part about these cutscenes was me cackling like a moron upon hearing the words “among us” and “suspect”


I think the game is fantastic. My biggest mistake is taking part in the pre-order beta, which in fact still felt a lot more like a beta than I thought it would. Now, I have 80+ hours in and almost feel like I should now complain about imperfections which isn’t fair to do. Again, I have 80 hours in already ffs!


Wait, this game has an overarching plot? Could’ve fooled me I guess.

It’s probably due to the fact that all of the cutscenes would just make the game crash.


Honestly, you ain’t missing anything, the story is absolute generic trash.

I even hesitate to call it “story”