I know this is the beta, but from what I’ve seen I probably wont be playing this game when it comes out. I pre ordered this game when they first announced was very excited and feel very let down. This game feels like a step down from Vermintide, a game I quite because I got bored with it. The character customization boils down to which voice do you want, comparing weapons in the store vs in your inventory is like pulling teeth and half the information listed for the weapons doesn’t seem to mean anything. I had two las guns both had the same size ammo bar but very different numbers for the actual ammo. Maybe i haven’t made it far enough yet (lvl 9 vet) is there no non cosmetic gear, not the primary and secondary weapons but like armor, trinkets, charms… seems like an easy way to customize my cookie cutter character that looks like half the other vet i see(the other half being a different gender).
In short I’m disappointed and it seems like they phoned this one in


I didn’t pre-order but you are right. I am going to purchase this game on release and will probably refund it within one hour. Everything is a step back from Vermintide vis-à-vis basic gameplay loop.

I was very exited for this game too. Now, I have very low hopes for this game after playing it. I have no idea how the devs bungled this so badly.

Just have the Vermintide engine and update it for 40K. We didn’t expect a lot but I sure as hell didn’t expect this.


I would hold off on judgement due to lack of content for now, because based on what ive seen in the hub world, and some clues, such as not just being called “psyker” but “psyker psykinetic”, i think that what we received in the beta was only a portion of the content that will be available on release. Of course, the gameplay loop of “go here, do x objective, shoot y enemies along the way” is repeated from vermintide, but that is what they said it would be, and that is the type of game this is.

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Welp! Just figured out the problem with the game after reading more of the forum.

Fat Shark was bought out by Tencent. AKA the Chinese Communist Party in January of 2021.

The repressive chat filter and spyware being installed on your computer makes much more sense now.

They have no intentions of making a good game. They want to spy on you.


I always knew something was amiss. Trust your instincts folks and hopefully Space Marine 2 isn’t garbage like this.


Did the pre-order EULA for DT forfeited refunds? I got Escape from Tarkov that way, and would like a refund, but I agreed to the terms that excluded this option. Curious as how FS approached this question.

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the game loop formula is fine, was just hoping there would be some things added instead of subtracted, we’re about a month from release, probably going to refund and check back like mid next year. Adding more classes doesn’t really fix anything if each class is going to be like the ones they have now.
Maybe they will add a psyker pyrokinetic so we can be underwhelmed with a side fire

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I’m thinking of getting a refund due to the poor optimization. I have an RTX 3070 with a i9-11900K yet the game runs at 40-60 frames on 1440p. Ray Tracing is off and DLSS is set to Quality but barely any boost in frames.

There is no way I am going to play the full version of the game with these horrible frame drops. I expected the performance to be better from the Closed Technical Test but it seems to have gotten worse. For an example, turning on AMD FSR boosted my frames up to 80. However using Performance FSR in the current Closed Beta made no difference and I constantly go below 50 frames during fights.

That’s so weird. I’m running an RTX 2070 and i7, and the only FPS drop I had was when my internet connection got a little wonky one time. I’m also running on the mid-setting for everything and my FPS is consistently fairly high.

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The devs already confirmed there’s only the 4 classes on release.

Which is depressing, considering that’s less than the first Vermintide, let alone 2.


Do you have a forum link or something? its not that i dont believe you but i wanna read for myself

did you consider that maybe those laz guns are actually different, and perform different, and you might be clueless?

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Behold, glorious marketing spin trying to make it sound like a good thing.

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Lay off the Warp Dust fella, it’ll rot your brain.

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you don’t want/like/whatever it: don’t buy it

simple right?

i don’t see the point of asking for a refund if you alreaday dislike the game

Do … do you need help?

I am gay

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