Darktide in a Nutshell - Vid

Dunno if it was already posted here, but…


My goodness, at 1:45 I felt that in my bones


Man. From 00:00-00:30 you see glimpses of what could have been an amazing game if it weren’t suffocated by inept design decisions that only serve to hinder the game’s potential.


Well, yeah, isn’t that from one of the promotional videos? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeppers. That’s how this company got me. I expected the same fantastic core gameplay experience that I’ve come to love from Vermintide 1 and 2 with refined features - as their interviews and blogs implied. However, their dishonest marketing did a speculator job of misleading us on the quality of the product. First impressions matter a lot. I severely doubt people will be giving this developer a second chance after getting swindled in such a fashion.

The worst thing in all of this? Only now they’re going to have β€œtalks” about the game. I guess all that feedback from the betas was essentially wasted.

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Basically just false advertisement at this point.

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AAAAHAHAHAHAHA Oh God the Hound. The Hounds shoots off into space and I just can’t stop laughing. XD

I see The Sniper. I upvote.