Is there an ability to light up an area / ultravision

okay my second player experience was getting lost in the dark in some tunnels.
Is there any way for ultravision or light generation when dealing with the dark?

do amulets / rings give off light as an ability?
ultravision potions?

Take Bright Wizzard and equip a conflag. It’ll light the area pretty decently

or IB with drake weapons

but the correct response is, look directly at the floor, the floor is lit just barely enough for you to haphazardly navigate around the area. It’s the only way to beat the challenge of not using torches or lighting the braziers. That and baroque memorization of the path you need to take in Blight Reaper

I understand that can be boring… but the difficoulty comes non only from enemies, but maps too. Most maps have some traps like acid, labyrinths, puzzles, etc etc.

Imho you have enough torches/braziers to light up the area.

Under Options -> Video, change Ambient Light Quality to Low. It’ll make Hunger in the Dark and other really dark areas visible enough to actually be reasonable to play. It’ll break bright areas brighter though, which might be obnoxious. It won’t be effective on Blightreaper though.

You also have the options other people mentioned which is using Conflagration staff as a flashlight or shooting different staves/drakefire weapons to light areas up. You can also use incendiary grenades or lamp oil barrels to light large areas up.

I wouldn’t mind darkness if it wasn’t so dumb at times. Lighting up more than three feet would be nice or if it wasn’t absolutely perfect darkness.

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