Is there a list of lies and Broken Promises from Fatshark?

Just curious if someone has already catelogued all of the things they’ve said that turned out to be blatantly untrue.

Yeah dog, it’s :: redacted by the Ordo Hereticus ::.


Hahaha fair. I mean I know the weapon count was a lie. The mission modifiers. The Crafting. I just didn’t know if someone had a list somewhere.

I mean, the weapon count is under-delivery. They will get there. Mission modifiers are coming. Crafting is coming.

I wouldn’t call things lies so much as “we spoke and released too soon”. I’d of been willing to give them another 3 months of waiting for a more polished launch.

Fatshark is leaning heavily into the live service model and will release new campaign episodes on a weekly basis

You’ll be able to trick out the Lasgun and various other weapons with scopes and attachments, allowing you to perfectly tailor your weapon to your preferred style of gameplay

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As would I, which is what they should’ve done.

Saying things are gonna be there on release and then not delivering is at the least a broken promise and at best a lie imo.

Just jaded at this point from the complete lack of genuine response coming from FS.

Yeah, the most blatant lie I’ve seen so far appears to be weapons customization. That, I don’t see them doing. Because goddamn do I hate the stock sight on the lasgun.

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Well to quote one of our Community Manager’s this ain’t COD y’know.

To be fair, the community managers are handling things well. I don’t envy their position. They can’t change what producers choose to push out.

Though yeah, the CoD remark read poorly. I think it was intended to come across as a funny quip, but the internet skews toward patronization.

Yeah, I mean, most of us would be fine if they just said “yeah, sorry guys, we wanted to do this, but it turns out it was too difficult to implement, instead we’ve settled on different guns with similar stats but different attachments”. The fact that they’re just pretending this was never promised is what’s pissing me off (along with the Game Director or whatever his role was blatantly lying about “we’ve always wanted to offer 2.1k Aquila bundles, really guys!”)

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I think Aqshy does a fine job, less so the other fella.

And yeah I definitely wouldn’t want their job.

Exactly. It’s the lack of acknowledgement of their screw ups. They’ve put their foot in our mouth so many times and expect us to chew lol.

I don’t think they’re intentionally pretending this never happened. The best approach (legally) to points of contention is to say nothing at all. It sucks, but it’s real. Dev studios can and do get sued. Best to not engage where some internet crusader would literally sue for admission of something.

Yes, in an ideal world, the CMs would have a statement from producers who ultimately pulled the trigger on something shipping (or not), but the producers are probably too busy as it is fixing jankiness and shipping QoL improvements/missions.