Is knife overpowered

This lol. Some people are trying too hard to learn all breakpoints and every number, meanwhile you can just faceroll this game with button mashing after few tests in psykanium and take what you intuitively find to be good.

On the knife topic - mobility is overpowered in DT, imo. Like Kerillian daggers in V2 has a dogshit range, so controling horde is quite hard with them, cause trash mobs are more agressive and one poke eats 1/3 of your HP, and if you was swarmed you must use your ultimate or go in defensive state.

In DT on other hand it’s easy to escape if you made a mistake and pulled more than you can handle. Weapon range it feels doesn’t play signifficant role cause how dodges and dmg are boosted.

As I mentioned in some thread, if weapon has high mobility and attack speed, its deffensive tools should be a dogshit then, there should be a clear trade.

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I don’t think the fact that knife has fewer bad blessings than other weapons is a bug… it’s most of the other weapons that are bugged.

Knife is also hardly the only melee weapon it’s possible to do really well with. I don’t have super strong opinions on the balance of it, but I know for sure there are weapons / blessings /blessing pools I’d want dev time spent on buffing and improving, way before I’d want dev time spent on doing anything to knife.

Tbf there are 4 good blessings on knife not 6.

2 of them are traps if I’m thinking about the ones OP is thinking about.

Yeah. I also don’t agree with OP that the blessings are interchangeable. They’re really not. The total critrate of your build determines if Flesh Tearer or Lacerate is the best option. The difference can be really significant.

Similarly rending on backstab and rending on weakspot are not interchangeable at all, and are good at very different things.

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Rending backstab is too situational imo. I can see it being a thing on zealot (kind of), but never vet even with a stealth build.

You’re better off using uncanny strike if you MUST have rending, but you can 3 shot a crusher with a melee build just fine no rending at all.

I think being able to skip rending is one of the only advantages vet has over zealot in this regard.

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Yeah I don’t have a knifevet (yet), but rending is certainly (in my opinion) mandatory on Zealot, and uncanny is leaps and bounds more useful than backstab.

(Not least of which because you can totally hit weakspots from behind :wink: )

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I wouldn’t say its mandatory, but being able to bleed crushers to death with a few light attacks is so funny I can’t pass it up.

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I only quickplay, and even if I’m bringing a knife (stealth or FotF build) I need to know I can reasonably deal with a surprise pack of crushers/maulers on my own, if the team is… not good or simply otherwise occupied. There’s range weapons that could somewhat fill that niche of course, but like you say, bleeding them to death is good fun. And very useful.

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It’s definitely more reliable for impromptu war criming.

Riposte with MK 6 can take out crushers just fine with pushstabs with the insane crit rate you can have while being able to absolutely destroy hordes with its insane crit, but yeah instant reliability and just being able to m1 spam just as effectively (or almost anyways) is easier therefore better in more situations than not.

Things being brain dead is an underrated component of what can make a weapon good. If you have to devote zero brain power to it you can pay attention to a lot more stuff.

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I haven’t found myself able to like the MK6 yet. I’ve tried to, but the heavies just seem… not good? I don’t really think they hordeclear better in any meaningful way, and they’re straight up worse for single attack.

Push stab. Very spammable on MK 6. Especially on zealot with their great stam regen.

Its heavies are worse, but it clears notably faster for me on zealot. I still use MK 3 on vet though.

The attack speed is the key I suppose.

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As any weapon in the game.

Just try new chain axe and you will forget about knives.
You don’t need 10 perks on it, just two.

Not really. One thing about the dagger is that because its mobile as it is (for sprinting specifically if nothing else) players who are bad with it tend to get themselves into trouble instead of out of trouble far more often since they aren’t able to handle even a special wave on their own.

They also think they need to run away from their team when daggers mobility should be used to run TO it after you protect a back flank, pick up resources, or run stimms to teammates etc.


I’ve used the original mk iii knife on zealot for as long as I can remember.

I don’t feel I’ve ever struggled with horde clear. Circle-strafe them in to a ball and they all bleed out pretty quickly. I’ve tried Turtolsky, axes (I use combat axe on Vet), chainsword, and more recently the crusher(fun!)… I don’t find them better though. Only times I come unstuck is face to face with a crusher, go to dodge, and I can’t move because there’s a poxwalker that’s shuffled up silently.

My knife I think has Lacerate (for easy crit gen) and Mercy Killer - only because that’s what I have, not through choice necessarily. And I have +2 stamina and +5% crit chance on it for QoL.

I would argue that the knife I have isn’t overpowered. I don’t cut through specials and armoured elite particularly quickly with it, relying on my ult to help with that or switch to a gun to help. My experience there differs from the OP. When I next get a knife to craft on, I’ll try with a rending skill and see if that changes things.

But generally, I don’t think it’s poor at dealing with volumes of enemies. The mobility you get really lets you slice and run, putting dots on loads of things. Though this is all on the zealot - IDK how it stacks up on the vet.

Imo nope, it’s not overpowered

It’s good to great.

Probably BiS on vet as a ranged build because of kiting power, and BiS on vet as melee because of its insane damage with 75% crit rate.

Hell, with just reciprocity, and desperado the dagger can absolutely wreck hordes while reliably 3 swiping ragers meaning you can still be like 90% of a ranged build while being that powerful in melee.

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once again, the knife threads are refusing to interact with the fact it makes you oblivious to when you need to help your team.

That’s a you problem is why.

buddy, every single one of your posts here is about the great virtues of spamming dodge and dealing high single-target damage. it’s a you problem, you just consider your team as a problem to be dodged.