Mk V Latrine Shovel is what the Thunder Hammer wishes it could be (pls buff hammer)

The new ogryn shovels with the high single hit damage special activation does almost everything the thunder hammer does, but better.

With the special activation + thrust IV blessing (and Crunch talent against ogryns/maulers), the Mk V Latrine Shovel can oneshot anything that isn’t a monstrosity.
And unlike the thunder hammer, there’s no animation lock after landing the hit.

Oh, and don’t worry, it’s also great at killing hordes with its regular heavy attack cleave damage & stagger.

The only remaining thing going for the thunder hammer is damage vs monstrosities.
So unless I feel like killing daemonhosts before they have a chance to make their morning coffee, I’m better off playing ogryn with a shovel than picking up the thunder hammer.


Thunder hammer still has its charm for sure but seeing FS introduce more weapons of high calibre it becomes less and less encouraging to play hammer.

After playing 500-600 hours on hammer I’ve finally tried knife and heavy eviscerator and had a ton of fun. There are a few other weapons which reach ridiculous level of power with only a few drawbacks, none of them with a drawback that can completely kill you through a disabler or regular trash. All because you can’t dodge/run/block for a short period of time IN MELEE.

I wish FS would introduce a blessing of some sort which would work like idk if target is killed no selfstun appears. It almost makes sense that I could build a weapon with pretty weak waveclear and base damage for 1 shotting enemies and invest everything into making sure that said one shotting is as convinient as possible. It is mandatory to run thrust for thunder hammer to make sense so why not give it another blessing for a specific boss killer role? I would give up my slaughterer and most of the wave clear any day for a blessing that removes self-stun.

I agree that a good crucius TH should reach the 1 shot BP on a crusher (provided it’s with max staks of thrust and maybe some talent investments like the shovel) there are so many crusher killer weapon for the other careers it feels fair to give some to the zealot.

All they had to do was copy Kruber’s Hammer in terms of crowd clear and moveset and give it the activated hit for massive f-you single target damage with a trade off being the activation time.

Yet here we are… two iterations and several changes later.

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